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    Transgender - MTF
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    Hopefully somewhere soon
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    Never pass up a chance to use the bathroom.
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    Writing, drawing, Steven Universe, sleeping, sweets, RPing, being an art whore

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  1. Request

    Bumpity bump buuuump!
  2. Omg, I can't stand this fandom or the show. You're all freaks.
  3. Considering the kind of people that work on the show, it's likely.
  4. Rainbow Dash: "Man, I can't wait to go to college and do something with my life." Applejack: "Now, Big Mac, I don't really think Granny needs to go to a nursing home." Twilight Sparkle: "I feel that my position as princess is really constructive and contributes to society." Fluttershy: "I love the way the majority of my fans portray me." Rarity: "I would NEVER skin my cat just to make a fashion statement." Pinkie Pie: "I sure love not being a burden on my friends."
  5. Are you sure about that? Considering the original plans that Lauren Faust had for poor ol' Spikey Wikey, it doesn't seem too farfetched.
  6. We got a super easy solution for this: Just kill off Spike.
  7. Only just this morning. Does that count?
  8. If she weren't so murderous, yes. I would hit on her.
  9. Jaywalking
  10. Cuddlebug
  11. Estonia
  12. Bunnies
  13. Pretty much any earth pony female with any other earth pony female Hell, any mare x mare is awesome for me.
  14. If those lips touch me again, I'll rip em off.
  15. I feel like I have, but I'm not sure.