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  1. I just want to know where I can watch both episodes fully in English. It's not on YouTube, Dailymotion or Kisscartoon so does anyone have a link to it please?
  2. Most of them seem to be Western, but here's my idea: Twilight Sparkle - Irish American Pinkie Pie - A planet far away from Equestria Rainbow Dash - New York or New Jersey Fluttershy - European-American background Applejack - Southern U.S.A. Rarity - English
  3. Twilight Sparkle - Atheist or Catholic Pinkie Pie - Catholic Rainbow Dash - Atheist, Catholic or Jewish Fluttershy - Atheist, Catholic or Protestant Applejack - Baptist Rarity - Protestant or Jewish Spike - Whatever Twilight is Starlight Glimmer - Atheist, maybe Catholic background They all have Western accents, so I don't see them delving into more Eastern religions.
  4. I don't think she's a princess and I don't want the show to confirm her to be. Equestria is supposed to be a land of equality and happiness, so suddenly throwing in automatic titles, which are commonly associated with a system of superiority, would feel out of place. The show has shown that Equestria has a democratic leadership. The only reason they use royal titles is because you can't have characters like "President Celestia" or "Senator Twilight Sparkle". The royal titles are merely for fantasy elements. I know the merchandising and some of the earlier episodes would say otherwise, but for the most part Equestria is a republic. Now in a recent episode "Once Upon A Zeppelin" one background pony drops the P-word referring to Flurry Heart, but this could easily be a confused pony. No other characters have called Flurry Heart a royal title. So in my opinion she is not a princess. There is little evidence and in the show's moral it doesn't stand right. And as for Blueblood, he could easily be something along the lines of a leader of a place in Equestria. Not every political figure must be a descendant of Celestia.
  5. That's actually an even better idea! I was thinking about that possibility.
  6. I agree with you on a very weakly contributed moral. Here's how personally I think the episode should have went: Twilight and her friends decide to publish their Friendship Journal. However after publishing the book, each member of the Mane 6 is confronted with a specific pony criticizing and being picky towards them, and each of them try to deal with these ponies, leading to some comedic scenes. Soon, all 6 of these rabid ponies protest outside Twilight's Castle, and the Mane 6 sing their song. However the ponies keep protesting. Twilight and her friends give up on trying to change their mind, but they go into central Ponyville where they find the rest of the town thanking them for the lessons in the book. The Mane 6 then realise that they don't need to pay attention to those 6 other ponies, because they should focus on those who do appreciate them. I know the moral came out very similarly in my version, but personally this would have gone down better and ended on a more positive note.
  7. Exactly. I didn't enjoy the episode because I thought it was mean-spirited and hard to watch. That's what I'm trying to say in the simplest of terms.
  8. First off, I didn't pin any blame on Larson. Some people on this thread did, but I made no comment on it. Second, please do not label me as a negative and abusive fan of the show. This is the only episode I've been fully negative towards, most other episodes I have loved. I am not "abusive towards the writers" for disliking one episode. I will come back to this thread every single time. Every user on this forum can come and try to debunk my opinion as "ironic and sensitive" but I will reply to every single one of those people just to make my opinion clear.
  9. You don't need to repeat the inner commentary in the episode, I get it. Writers do have to deal with angry bronies nitpicking, and expressing this into an episode is fine. The problem, as I have mentioned dozens of times earlier, is that I simply felt it to be a harsh episode. Some people have pointed fingers at me saying "you hating the episode is exactly what the moral was about, that means your a hypocrite". No, me not liking an episode doesn't make me a nasty brony that only watches the show to complain about it. In my original post on this thread I actually pointed out some good things in the episode, but me stating the things I didn't enjoy in the episode doesn't mean the writers hate me.
  10. I'm fully aware of the rabid side of the Brony community. As I continuously have to point out, I just simply didn't enjoy the episode. It felt like the MLP equivalent of Squidward Torture Porn.
  11. I actually think you explained the message far better than the episode did. Kudos to you As I've stated above, the message is not a bad one. But the way it was overall executed, for me, felt mean-spirited and almost unwatchable in some moments.
  12. I agree with you 100%. I'm glad you brought that up so I didn't have to. Although no one here has said it yet, I'm sure that soon people will point out to me "uh, if you don't like this episode's meta humor, that must meaning you hated Slice Of Life and Stranger Than FanFiction, right?". That is not true for me. Those 2 episodes are some of my personal favorites of the series, and that's mainly because of their meta humor. The difference between those two and Fame & Misfortune is a pure tone difference. Slice Of Life and Stranger Than FanFiction have an enjoyable tone and clear messages: Slice Of Life's message was that everyone has their own life with their own stories, and Stranger Than FanFiction's message is that people can still be friends if they don't like the same things. And they managed to combine the messages with clever humor and enjoyable characters. They had the style that made me fall in love with the series in the first place. Fame & Misfortune's message is debatable, but for me it felt like "Everyone's an asshole but you won't notice until you become popular, and they will soon act cruel towards you and there's nothing you can do about it". They also shove in a nobody's perfect message in the end that felt out of nowhere. And as I've stated several times before, the other ponies aren't just people who need a friendship lesson, they're unforgivable sociopaths. There's no transition, sympathy or actual heart in the episode. Take the entire message out and it's just 20 minutes of Mane 6 abuse. I can't even imagine what younger children thought of the message, they were probably so confused by it. I'm sorry but I can't wrap my head around the message because it's not clear, it's just muddled up morals that combine into a nightmare of an episode. It has a negative tone and feels like a warped version of Equestria where everyone is out to basically kill Rarity and take over Sweet Apple Acres. Also, even though I can admit a few of the meta jokes were funny, many other jokes felt lazy and even cringeworthy.
  13. Yes, but in this episode it felt as if the writers channelled the negative side of the Brony community to basically every pony besides the Mane 6. Instead of focusing on a few specific characters and working around that, they go all out and portray everyone in Ponyville as a complete prick. The only ponies who aren't like this are those 2 fillies and the Apple Family. Besides that virtually everyone is just blindly mad about the Mane 6. For me there's no development or transition, everyone is just suddenly bitchy towards the Mane 6. At first I was enjoying the episode, but it slowly went downhill for me. By the time I got to the scene where Fluttershy was publicly abused by those ponies I could hardly watch it, it felt so mean-spirited, and the fact that there wasn't even a resolution ruined it for me. I'm not saying that a show like MLP can have a challenging message, but personally, it was executed terribly. It wasn't like watching an episode of MLP but rather watching a writer's pet project to get there anger towards specific bronies out. If you enjoyed the episode more power to you, but I just didn't.
  14. But your not fully getting my POV of the episode. Personally, making characters overly hypocritical about things to reference the fandom is funny, but only if limited to a few jokes. Here, the entire episode is just scenes of ponies acting rudely towards the Mane 6, and not just picky, but rather borderline abusive. This kind of episode could work in a cynically comedic show like Bojack Horseman, but not in MLP. And even if it could work in MLP, it just felt really hard to watch. In my eyes, I also thought they somewhat warped the message into saying "were against negative criticism, so if you don't like the episode it means that YOUR picky and hyperbolic, that's the irony". If you enjoyed it then that's good, but I just thought it was a scattershot attempt to make a dark joke that doesn't work for the type of episode it was trying to be. To give you an example, for me it's kind of like "Putting Your Hoof Down", where it's very mean-spirited. But I feel even that episode had a clear moral, be assertive but don't go too far. Here the message was unclear and unjustified for me.