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    - 1900's fashion and games based in that area of time are usually fun
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    - History on places and their culture. Mostly Egypt but I know other places well too.
    - ... hmmm... lots of stuff there huh?

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. "So what's your special skills?" "Stealth" "... That's it? What about if you are seen?" "Lies" "...So you're always a rogue?" "...There are other options?"

  3. Drache

    From: Confusion

    People can change with groups and well new elements being added. I am not excusing your friend but I have had this happen to me when some old friends found others, only once or twice. It's kind of a herd mentality. They act differently in this group and since it's new they throw themselves into it, almost to the point they lose their past perspective. That sounds sad but it happens and I really hoped I could say something like they can change but all I can say is still try to be their friend the best you can, if they distance themselves then they might not see how great your friendship is. -hugs- It will be okay no matter what outcome occurs. Life is a shifting river and you will meet many people on your journey through it. Just light up the world the best you can and you will see the best people for you. I hope the best for you.
  4. Speed draw, speed draw for my life. -pencil breaks- ... Flee from responsibility for my life!!!

  5. Hahahhaha! An art senpai noticed me. -falls over-

  6. I am sorry for being away, my life is never calm. At Cider Fest now, maybe I will see you there. Happy holidays.

    1. Drache


      It's Ponyville Ciderfest, sorry I didn't specifically say.

    2. power strike

      power strike

      its alright lol everyone is busy this time a year : 3

  7. *idlely watching artists draw live stream* hmmm... what no I am drawing while they draw too.

  8. *watched new cmc episode* ... WHAT?!

    1. Wicked Funky
    2. Drache


      I don't know what I just saw and heard. It's... I don't know...

  9. Note to self: Don't watch Fran Bow play through late at night. Nope!

  10. Aaaaand back now. Internet has become more stable.

  11. Sooo my internet has been kinda weird lately so I will be in and out when I can. Sorry.

  12. Just get in a dancing mood my pony friends as we listen to an older but still classic mix.

  13. ... All the fashion with the new episodes. *holding in fashion fan overload*

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    2. Drache


      I think that there is something bigger brewing in canterlot for them to have focused on it in two episodes, yes both had Rarity but I feel they kinda just used her shop just cause they already established it in the prior episode instead of say donut joe's shop. *shrugs*

    3. 碇 シンジン
    4. Lunar Echo
  14. Who loves the fall weather? Because I do.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      Me, me! Not to hot or cold

    2. Drache


      I always loved the light sweater weather fall makes and the changes in nature.

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  15. Super late to the Neon Boom and Neon Bass party but these are my new royals. *rave dances*