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  1. Good morning everypony.

    1. Zachary


      Good Morning!

    2. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      Good evening 

    3. Johnny1226


      Good morning Jesse 

  2. Goodnight everypony.

  3. Good morning everypony.

  4. Goodnight everypony I hope my week gets better for me.

  5. *I walk in and sit down*

  6. *I walk away crying*

    1. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      What's wrong?  Do you need to talk (though it may be a couple hours before I can respond again, since I'm at work)?

  7. And now I just got a eviction notice to leave my place can my day get any more worse.

    1. Defective Scootaloo

      Defective Scootaloo

      *hugs* if only I had room at my place, sadly I dont


  8. :(:(

    My grandpa passed away.


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Iced_Coffee Nerd

      Iced_Coffee Nerd

      I'm so sorry, in five days, it'll be 7 months since mine died. :(

    3. Vocal Analyst

      Vocal Analyst

      Sorry for your loss. :(

    4. DashYoshi


      I'm so sorry. *hugs tight* :(

  9. Good morning everypony.

  10. Mega Thread

    I'm doing okay I guess and I just have a lot on my mind like. 1. My grandpa dying 2. Family issues 3. Depression
  11. Good morning everypony. 

    1. Zachary
    2. Johnny1226


      Good morning Jesse 

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Good morning Dusk! How are you?