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    Pinkie pie
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    Crystal Pony

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    Never let anything bad get to you

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    Rapid Shadow
  1. *I curl up on the ground*

  2. *I leave a basket of muffins* please enjoy the muffins. ^^

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      I pounce on da muffin!


    2. Johnny1226
    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      *takes one and nibbles on it*

  3. Good morning everypony

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Mornin' Shadow! :)

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
    3. Johnny1226


      Good morning Jesse 

  4. Private

    I come back and turn back to normal and stand ready with my report
  5. Private

    I vanish into a red cloud and moves around the trees and objects
  6. Private

    I follow Alexandra and Techno and I look at my map
  7. I nearly lost my relationship cause of one of my use to be friend decided to get involved with the problems and make it worse but a awesome person came and saved the relationship between me an Greyears. And the awesome person who saved it is @Celestial Flight

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      I'm gladall went good :3

  8. Private

    I get my share of the of the bits
  9. Private

    I finish my breakfast "I'm fine with that"
  10. Good morning everypony

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    2. Hierok


      You are awake? Well, time for me to go to sleep. :D

      Good morning.

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Good morning Shadow! :)

    4. Johnny1226


      Good morning Jesse