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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Skype, games, RP, drawing, etc. Does anyone do that? If so, then why not talk about it?

  5. This needs help... Faust, Them Fighting Herds, help out, yeah?

  6. One of the most best, random GIFs I've ever discovered. Just look at her nodding around with a smile and bow on! Cyuuuute!! ~ <3
  7. Not very many even talk about Disney Infinity. Doesn't anyone like the characters? All honesty, cause I bought Sadness today cause she so cute. Inside Out fans anyone? =3

    1. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      I really like Rapunzel's figurine. Can't say I've played much of the game, however.

    2. Nightwish


      Would love Rapunzels figurine as well! I do have some must wants. No one ever talks about this game, but Infinity and Amiibo figures surpass Skylanders which is just for little boys, meh. I'm mostly an amiibo collector.

  8. I'm cringing right now.

  9. So that new episode... A lot better than Princess Spike. Then again, a lot of episodes are better than Princess Spike.

  10. The fact I need to do more things will then allow me to post my own topics... Pretty bogus, I'll say...

  11. So, I've had a tablet for what seems to be 2 weeks now. I didn't knew I had it in me, but I can draw. :D

    1. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Thats like a few steps above finding a random 20 dollar bill in your pocket

  12. Just purchased a tablet and waiting patiently for days for it to arrive to my door. My art hand is writhing to begin it's evolution to draw something new. :D

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    2. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      Then must construct the Space Suit to make her happy.

    3. Nightwish


      Haha okay your highness. :3

    4. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      When I am in Space you can be Princess.

  13. For the Discord episode being my second favorite of the season, this one actually brought me to some nostalgia back to the first episode, and a little contradiction of Twilight's time of having any friends at all. She was a bookworm back in the first episode, and those three ponies invited her to Moon Dancer's party. Declining on them, it didn't seem like she was actually friends with them nor was it ever said in the very beginning until now of this season. Twilight had a big purpose in making friends, but wow. She actually did have friends before meeting her mane 6. Her closest being Moon Dancer, despite a bit of a look alike, I think she's a better character than Tree Hugger ((Highly irrelevant to this, but meh. She was just a bit bland and there to just annoy Discord. If she had to pick a Gala date, I think she would have fit well with Zecora.)). Redeeming and winning back Moon Dancer's friendship was quite eventful for Twilight in this episode. But man, that does seem sad. Leaving a forgotten friend that long... For many seasons! Her old house brought back memories as well as those flashback cutscenes especially the hidden one of poor Moon Dancer's reaction to Twilight not attending her party. I kinda do hope to see Moon Dancer appear in a bit more episodes as well as her and Twilight to bond a little more. I slightly cringed to see Starlight was in the diner, hidden under the menu she was looking upon. She is up to something. What I've heard she's planning to do... ugh!... I hate her, but I tolerate her as a decent villain, that's slightly unique than others and a better one than Sombra ever was. But her intentions are vile and dark. Like holy crap... To me, it will leave a bit of a scar of slight fear to how I feel for the show. I didn't imagine it would lead to a dark part to the story... However I do look forward to see Starlight being defeated. She probably will regret dearly. Nonetheless, this episode is one of my favorites! Moon Dancer is a nice character. I can't wait to see more spectacular episodes. Deserves a full five stars and 10/10 ranking higher than the Princess Spike episode (That wasn't a pleasant episode.. ugh). Moon Dancer should have some love. =3
  14. Oh my god... That latest episode... It kind of brought back some nostalgia from the beginning, plus a little contradictions. Twilight had some decent friends before she even met the ones that are closest to her now. That episode deserve 5 full stars. :3

  15. Happy 4th goes to all the friends that are only and most closest of all... it's what I have left, as it is meant for them. The one's that mean the world to me.