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About Me

I've just gotten into Digital Art, which I'm slowly progressing in trying to get better. I am a fetish artist, so you've been warned. What you see in my DeviantArt may weird you out a bit. I'm not a person who simply just draws ponies and stuff. I do sometimes, but it's a bit generic as it is calm fandom love. I dabble in weirding things and just post em up. My art consists of being hypnosis, snakes, etc. Don't judge, judge, I don't care... be my guest, I just love to draw. While I'm on here trying to get well acquainted with how forums work, just thought I'd like to see how the fandom behaves and stuff which I try my best to participate in. So there you have it.


PS: Twilight is waifu. <3


You may refer to me of course by the screen name I desired to have in display. Plain and simple like anyone else, a person who watches cartoons, plays games, and most of all is into ponies. I also draw (sadly not digitally, but I yearn for that skill), role play, and simply just do things. As you can see, my favorite ponies are:


1. Princess Luna


2. Twilight Sparkle


3. Pinkie Pie


Also check out my OC. Give me some rates and opinions. I would really love to hear them for some recognition. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/kebert-xela-r8285









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