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  1. Skype, games, RP, drawing, etc. Does anyone do that? If so, then why not talk about it?

  2. This needs help... Faust, Them Fighting Herds, help out, yeah? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/them-s-fightin-herds#/

  3. Nightwish

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    One of the most best, random GIFs I've ever discovered. Just look at her nodding around with a smile and bow on! Cyuuuute!! ~ <3
  4. Not very many even talk about Disney Infinity. Doesn't anyone like the characters? All honesty, cause I bought Sadness today cause she so cute. Inside Out fans anyone? =3

    1. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      I really like Rapunzel's figurine. Can't say I've played much of the game, however.

    2. Nightwish


      Would love Rapunzels figurine as well! I do have some must wants. No one ever talks about this game, but Infinity and Amiibo figures surpass Skylanders which is just for little boys, meh. I'm mostly an amiibo collector.

  5. I'm cringing right now.

  6. So that new episode... A lot better than Princess Spike. Then again, a lot of episodes are better than Princess Spike.

  7. The fact I need to do more things will then allow me to post my own topics... Pretty bogus, I'll say...

  8. So, I've had a tablet for what seems to be 2 weeks now. I didn't knew I had it in me, but I can draw. :D

    1. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Thats like a few steps above finding a random 20 dollar bill in your pocket

  9. Just purchased a tablet and waiting patiently for days for it to arrive to my door. My art hand is writhing to begin it's evolution to draw something new. :D

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    2. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      Then must construct the Space Suit to make her happy.

    3. Nightwish


      Haha okay your highness. :3

    4. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      When I am in Space you can be Princess.

  10. For the Discord episode being my second favorite of the season, this one actually brought me to some nostalgia back to the first episode, and a little contradiction of Twilight's time of having any friends at all. She was a bookworm back in the first episode, and those three ponies invited her to Moon Dancer's party. Declining on them, it didn't seem like she was actually friends with them nor was it ever said in the very beginning until now of this season. Twilight had a big purpose in making friends, but wow. She actually did have friends before meeting her mane 6. Her closest being Moon Dan
  11. Oh my god... That latest episode... It kind of brought back some nostalgia from the beginning, plus a little contradictions. Twilight had some decent friends before she even met the ones that are closest to her now. That episode deserve 5 full stars. :3

  12. Happy 4th goes to all the friends that are only and most closest of all... it's what I have left, as it is meant for them. The one's that mean the world to me.

  13. A favorite artist on DA actually likes my work and is now watching me. -le gasp- Senpai noticed me. EEEEE!^^

    1. LordSwinton


      Ha, I know that feeling.

    2. Nightwish
  14. So yeah, hung out with two good friends today. We had McDonalds, played Smash Bros, I impressed them with my drawings, talked about writing and reading fanfics. This day has given me a feeling of euphoria.

  15. True friends are the best of friends right?

    1. Kyoshi


      Indeed they are. :) Friends who will stick with you and be a listening ear when things are rough. Due to my own issues, finding true friends has always been a bit of a challenge for me, but I cherish any that I find.

  16. Overwhelmed by PM's huh. It's not really necessary to shut them down but I understand... Umm, do you remember me? /-\

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    2. catnet


      Ooh, are you enjoying using your tablet so far? :D


      Also, I should warn you in advance, I'll be disabling my Profile Feed too soon enough, since I've come to accept I can't give enough attention to it either... I'll still try reply to your status updates when I see them, though, as well as commenting on your Profile Feed when I can :( Would that be okay, sorry? :( We can still talk on this until it reaches the limit (100 comments), though ^^

    3. Nightwish


      It's pretty good. I can't really get what's wrong, but if it's what you prefer, go ahead and do it.

    4. catnet


      That's good to hear ^~^ What have you been drawing with it? :3


      I've found that I'm the kind of person that finds it easier to reply to conversations I start, than to deal with conversations when others make me talk... with my Profile Feed disabled, it's very easy to get more of the former. ^^

  17. So tomorrows pay day. I would buy Splatoon, but I'm not taking my Wii U with me for my week vacation. :/

  18. Nightwish

    Movies/TV TMNT 2?

    Originally, I somewhat grew up from the 2003 series. It was decently entertaining, and I was just a kid and such. That new movie was pretty decent too, except there were some sue-ish aspects that involved April and a different origin (No rivalry of Hamato Yoshi with Oroku Saki origin). Despite the movies, a college friend got me into the 2012 series! It is rather shallow of people to underrate the new series or those movies, but this new series is actually pretty good and unique. Was curious to actually see TMNT threads on here, but for now I came across this. I hope this isn't too late of a d
  19. The one game that'll take you to feelsy town. Memorable storyline, killer graphics in remastered version, and OST is beautiful and emotional.
  20. Sooo, just purchased and downloaded Mighty Switch Force HE for the Wii U. What had me intrigued was the sights of the main character in fanart. For a short game, it's actually pretty addicting and fun! Plus the OST is pretty snazzy! ^^

  21. Severely bored. Would anypony care for a chat, role play, connect in online gaming, etc? I can really put up a decent time for you to enjoy.

  22. Well, my week escalated pretty badly... After losing a friend, now I get scolded for the first time by a really awful vulgar customer at work today. I wasn't too happy about it. Now I'm just lying down after how sore I am due to stress. Yes, body can be pained from stress and that's what I'm feeling right now. /_\

    1. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      Sounds like a really rough week... sorry you had to go through that with that customer as well...

    2. Nightwish


      If it happens the second time, I'm determined to not let it slide. I wasn't going to have it, after all I've stressed through this week.

    3. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      Working with the public can be really rough at times and truly shows how people are... just be glad you are not like those miserable people you know. I agree with you as well.

  23. I've seen this art before the episode even aired. How do people enjoy doing that by making a joke out of it. I don't take it seriously, I know it's just humor, but drugs are disgusting and noxious to me. Plus, they show off the character around in everyone's faces when the episode hasn't even aired yet. Spoiling isn't an option, but really? It's a killjoy to show things off before they even happen.
  24. Nightwish

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Guysss.... Halp! I ish hungry. D;
  25. How do these ranks work? How do I get off of being a blank flank? o.o

    1. catnet


      You'll need to make at least 5 active posts, i.e. posts anywhere aside from in- Welcoming Plaza, Testing Forum, Cloudsdale Colosseum, Everfree Empire Planning & OOC Discussion, Equestrian Empire OOC & Discussion, and the fan clubs. Posts anywhere else should count :3

    2. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit

      Just start posting in what feels interesting to you.

    3. Nightwish


      I've made at least 6, but it says I've only made 4. Guess some posts are still pending to be approved.

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