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  1. He is just taking peoples comments way to serious and besides you can't expect everyone to have the same opinion as you. Who really cares if someone likes an episode you don't like just because it has some flaws doesn't mean that you can't like it. ps just because you don't like some of the community doesn't mean the whole community is like that. and just because you don't like the fandom doesn't mean that you have to stop liking the show
  2. closes eyes and say thanks like how they do in southpark when they all start driving hybrids
  3. So this isn't my first mlp drawing, but it's my first drawing of twilight what does everypony think? ps the eye to the one side isn't erased that's just how it shows in the picture. Here is a better picture of the head
  4. Trick question there's no such thing as too much My Little Pony
  5. I think that it's because they feed off of negativity and that's what keeps them young or something along those lines.
  6. Thanks for adding me

  7. Nurse

    General What do you hate?

    You know just because racists hate others doesn't mean that it's still not right to hate them. Hate is hate no mater the reason only time it's ok to hate someone is is they are a rapist/pedophile or someone that hurts others for fun/atention. And hating someone for being a racist is the same as hating someone for their personality.
  8. Thanks all I need is a name but I can think of that later.
  9. Ok I figured it all out I don't need any more help.
  10. I fixed the issue I forgot to click attach. See how technologically orientated I am?
  11. First off I'm curious to know what everypony's opinion is on my mlp drawing. Second what should her cutie mark be? What color/colors should the mane be and what color should the coat be? Oh yeah and what should her name be?
  12. True it just seems like more bronies watch it because they are the ones everyone talks about. It's not "weird" for a 9 10 year old girl to like the show. I do know for sure that bronies are more into the show than little girls.
  13. Yeah I don't care either I am just curious on the stats.
  14. Sorry my bad but I assumed people wouldn't jumped to the conclusion that I was being biased.
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