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  1. Ponies, I'm back. I had some personal problems. But I am okay now :)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Happyandrenewed999


      I'm almost there. Thanks, Ash :)

    3. Mickey Adaptus
    4. Happyandrenewed999


      Thanks, Mickey. I am glad to be back! Second home! :D

  2. Sorry, Skype friends. I am no longer on Skype, now. Still can chat here, obviously ^_^

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    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      well okay, thanks for the update.

    3. Happyandrenewed999


      Same here. There's voice and video calling, elsewhere. Also, Skype annoys me x

    4. Happyandrenewed999


      Thanks, Ash. And you're welcome strongwilled_pegasus

  3. I'll be on and off MLP forums for a while. PP. I hope all you ponies are doing good <3

  4. Not just cute! So colourful! Their onesies are awesome!
  5. Busy, busy, busy! I hope you're all good. I should be back on MLP forums at about 4am. Probs.

    1. Happyandrenewed999


      D: hoping! I am sorry I neglected this forum a while back. I'll never leave this place. SO many awesome people/ponies.

    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      busy is always good, :)

    3. Happyandrenewed999
  6. Nah, I wouldn't mirror flip. But yeah, you're right. I guess it is for the convenience of the animators.
  7. A Pegasus! For definite! Hence the profile picture!
  8. Love this one. From 'Lesson Zero'

  9. Well, back to Cloudsdale for me. Off to go and sleep on my cloud. Night, pony friends x

  10. Whew, just gotta do my cutie mark, glasses, brohoof. Then I'm done!

  11. Creating a new pony me.

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    2. Happyandrenewed999


      Totes! Thanks. It'll be up here as soon as! :)

    3. Vera Veil

      Vera Veil

      Nice :) I would do the same, but I don't exactly have access to a computer at the moment

    4. Happyandrenewed999


      I just lost it. I saved my pony code, thank gosh. My computer is so slow it refreshes tabs that are open. I left it for too long. I'm multitasking. This sucks. I just got the colour right, too!