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    Loads. Too many to name. But, mainly writing, reading, creating things, music, and people! Oh, and also noodles!

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  1. Happyandrenewed999

    Celestia's Royal Slumber Party

    Not just cute! So colourful! Their onesies are awesome!
  2. Happyandrenewed999

    Is there a fan in your room?

    Your name. This reply! LOL!
  3. Happyandrenewed999

    Mirror flipped cutie marks?

    Nah, I wouldn't mirror flip. But yeah, you're right. I guess it is for the convenience of the animators.
  4. Happyandrenewed999

    What pony race would you be?

    A Pegasus! For definite! Hence the profile picture!
  5. Happyandrenewed999


    Suggestive. BUT, this is good art! Well done!
  6. Happyandrenewed999

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Nope, I have never seen the user above me, before :)
  7. Happyandrenewed999

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    I love MLP YTP. It's hilarious.
  8. I think Spitfire is the most attractive pony. I think her colours are awesome! And her voice is pretty cool, too.
  9. Happyandrenewed999

    (Poll) Would You Drink A Bottle of Water In The Desert?

    Yeah, I would drink it and try and make it back. I'd never give up if I were in that situation.
  10. Happyandrenewed999

    What was the last food you ate?

    The last thing I ate was some Cheetos.
  11. Happyandrenewed999

    Do you like the hot weather?

    I love it. But it's going to thunder today. Where I live. Actually looking forward to a bit of thunder and lightning
  12. Happyandrenewed999

    Is poverty not a thing in Equestria?

    Great way of putting it. I hope they show it in MLP.
  13. Happyandrenewed999

    What would you name your children?

    I only have 2 that I most likely will name my child/children. Boy: Martin Girl: Amelia Other names. I'm not so sure about.
  14. Happyandrenewed999

    Anyone here classically trained musically?

    No. But I really do wish I were.
  15. Happyandrenewed999

    Food When was the last time you had fish sticks?

    I haven't eaten them since I was 15. Really want some now, though! >