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  1. I presume the reason why the pony movie isn't being released in Korea is because of the lack of Interest as Korea only dubbed Seasons 1 and 2 and they weren't that popular and it only appealed to a small niche. Its a bit like how Magical Girls were popular in Italy and France during the 1980s but they were unheard of in America. So in conclusion, no market interest rather than censorship.
  2. superdogz1999

    Treehouse out of episodes?

    The most likely reason of this Hiatus is because of the Second Half of Season 7 is not ready for distribution to television stations yet. Another Theory could be Treehouse deciding to let the United States catch up to them.
  3. superdogz1999

    Do you watch MLP in your language? Discuss foreign dubs

    In Australia, the official Language is English and I do watch the show in English, but when it comes to Foreign Versions. I would usually watch the Italian Dub because of the theme from Season 1, but I also watched the Polish Dub and the Serbian Dub just because of boredom. Plus the voices in the Italian dub are excellent.
  4. superdogz1999

    movies/tv Best Anime

    My favourite anime would have to be Doraemon the Robotic cat. I also like Maya the Bee and probably Maple Town I don't like those action animes everybody likes, but its only my opinion
  5. superdogz1999

    April is coming, prepare...

    I do have a prank prepared for April Fools. As all Australians know, last year they released a new series of 5 dollar notes and the older 5 dollar notes are still legal tender. So I will go out in real life and tell people that the Reserve Bank says that the older 5 dollar notes are no longer spendable and they should take their old notes to the bank to exchange for other banknotes. This will create lots of laughter from other people.
  6. superdogz1999

    S7 in April.

    The new season, a time for all of us to join on the adventures of the Mane 7. Hopefully Moondancer would make another appearance we haven't heard of her since Season 5 Episode 12 (although she made a cameo in Season 5 Episode 25)
  7. superdogz1999

    Introducing myself

    We would like to welcome you to the herd. Just pull up a cider and enjoy the ponies
  8. superdogz1999

    Staff Time for a tea party!

    Congrats Tealeaf on your new position. I hope that you'll enjoy your new job and a nice cup of tea.
  9. superdogz1999

    Food Top Best Restaurant Global Chains

    My favourites are 3. Red Rooster 2. Oporto 1. KFC
  10. I call it the magical channel changing remote device that keeps disappearing. Cause I keep losing it.
  11. superdogz1999

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Meson Bolt x An airplane pilot.
  12. superdogz1999

    Mega Thread Rate the Signature of the User Above You!

    Really Creative Writing 9/10
  13. superdogz1999

    What should Flurry Heart be the princess of?

    Flurry Heart should be the Princess of making Hasbro receive more revenue from selling toys! I'm just kidding, Flurry Heart shall be Princess of the Western Provinces of Equestria or seeing how she was the first alicorn born in Equestria The Princess of Life.
  14. First, I would show them some of the MLP Fanwork that was created so they can see how the fandom is no different from other fandoms. Secondly tell them about the ponies and see which one is more suited to them. Lastly It is good to show them an episode that is considered good.
  15. I would definitely watch it for humour purposes and then review the bootleg online.