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  1. gonna try to get into mlp again. havent watched since season 4. :adorkable:

    1. SolarFlare13


      I approve of that profile pic :ticking: SO FLUFFY!!! >W<

    2. curl


      hehe thank you! :mlp_icwudt:

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. curl


      sorry im late! but thank you :-D

    2. Denim&Venom


      Better late than never right?

    3. curl



  3. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. curl


      thank you! :wub:

  4. this sunday i will turn 20. and stil havent accomplished anything with my life yet :thinking:

    1. Denim&Venom


      I'm 25 and I haven't done jack with my life yet. You've got plenty of time. 


    2. curl
    3. Denim&Venom


      Dude, Albert Einstein didn't make physics breakthroughs till his 50s. Reagan didn't become president until his 70s. Patrick Stewart didn't land Star Trek till he was in his 40s. 

      Everyone has their time. Yours will come when you're ready. 

  5. medic is pretty fun to play if you use the vaccinator. well. that is when you know how to play it right. but i do agree with you. medic and spy are not so fun to play
  6. i have yet to see any form of team fortress 2 discussion so why not start one? What class or classes do you main? how long have you been playing the game? Me personally mains soldier and demoman (sometimes demoknight) been playing this game since around 2009. been having a blast ever since. its a bit sad that they had to implement the matchmaking system, but hey. the community servers is pretty strong tho
  7. oh i dont know say hi? not really the keen guy to talk to girls haha. try to make friends of course, best of my ability's anyways
  8. to all the computer geeks outhere. whats the difference between samsung 750 evo ssd and the 850 evo samung ssd?

  9. trying not to cry. R.I.P the god of metal
  10. think im gonn start using this more. but first. i watched the first part of the new season but is the second part out?

    1. Kyoshi


      By second part what do you mean?

    2. curl


      of season 5

  11. well im gonna start going to the gym and lose some fat. wish me luck on my journey!

    1. Alastor


      Good luck *Hugs*

  12. is anyone up for a chat? im sick and i feel like i need to talk to someone :)

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    2. curl


      im pretty sure on that part :)

    3. Silver Echo

      Silver Echo

      I'm probably too weird.

    4. curl


      nah nah. im wierd to so its alright :)