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  1. Have you played the latest installment? The practically give you every legendary by going in holes at certain times! Idk, for me I don't find it much a challenge anymore to catch anything.
  2. I've played every generation (and remake) that has ever came out with pokemon. These games were my childhood, along with snap and pinball and everything else. When I was younger and didn't really understand pokemon getting the rarer ones was like such a highlight, now they shove every pokemon down your throat there is no challenge, I'm here for nostalgia.
  3. Would be a dream come true to me, I just feel like all Spike episodes end up as a complete waste where they could have had a good pony episode with Spike as a side character at best. This episode sucked, as AMW did, I tried watching that twice and lost attention both times lol Spike literally never learning his lesson and being greedy Spike episode after Spike episode makes me yawn.
  4. At least he tried it out, but don't push it on him. Just keep casually talking about it and maybe he'll ask more. I would never think of trying to get my bf into it, he really would never have any interest. I tried showing him some music and he hated it, but it's ok to each their own and he still supports my love for it. If your bf doesn't want to watch, just be happy he supports you (:
  5. I would say no, despite thinking he is. My OC has a huge ego and believes he can charm anyone, of course, he ends up scaring them instead with his weird antics and "shows."
  6. I'm happy with myself. I understand that I do have some difficulties that come along with my gender, but I wouldn't want to be a boy. I like the things I can do/whatnot by being a girl and I really identify with my own gender.
  7. ooof I like both options but I'm a sucker for playing through sequels
  8. I want this bookset so incredibly bad. I'm a sucker for boxsets and this one is soooo cool due to it being show accurate and such. Def grabbing next week with some ccg!
  9. speedpainted(drew) Dashie! Check out my blog to see!!

  10. A quick, amateur speed painting of Rainbow Dash, I hope you enjoy despite me not understanding shading or time-saving techniques haah.
  11. I think you are really overthinking this, it's a bit silly at your age to think you'll never get a partner. A bit silly at every age. You are definitely not ugly, and I'm sure you have a wonderful personality too so try not to worry so much, your world isn't ending. You'll find someone eventually, you aren't doomed. I didn't even hold my first hand until I was OLDER than you. You are so young worry about doing well in school right now, not if some lame high school boy is into you.
  12. Don't judge your self-worth by the attention of men. Just because a guy has never outright told you they liked you doesn't make you any less beautiful.
  13. I think stallions have attractive looking art but like I don't find them sexy? But I would say I get mini crushes on them, but like I don't know how to explain it but it is way different than a person but I think some ponies/stallions are nice to look at. Of course, real horses are just beautiful animals, in no way attractive. I think the only reason I find them mildly attractive is how they are personified.
  14. Thanks! I decided to give each pony my own spin so I'll have the others up soon!
  15. Here is a quick Dashie. With all the recent hate I thought she needed more love. Here is our FAVORITE little sporty girl (: I will probably digitalize and color this, and make a few changes. HERE IS THE SPEED PAINT!