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  1. Chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake with cookie dough flavored vodka.
  2. General

    While I understand not enjoying Language Arts it's important to note that reading and writing are fundamental in every subject you pursue. I too also dislike papers but they are there to help build the skills to write professionally. Even in advamced maths you still have to publish in journals and need to have the fundamental writing skills down.
  3. seeing how the Falcons were able to hold their own against the Packers I'm hoping they win. I'm sick of the Patriots and after deflate gate I've lost a great deal of respect for them.
  4. One of twilight's messages was not to look a gift horse in the mouth
  5. Web

    Not having used the website take what I say with a grain of salt. I would assume it's just like any other dating site.
  6. As an Oakland Raiders fan I am going to not care one way or an other. However, after watching the falcons destroy the packers today it looks like the Superbowl will be a great show.
  7. Spike looks like a Melvin or Samuel
  8. StallionSlaughter is great.
  9. Food

    the last thing I ate was with my wife. We had farfalle (bow tie) pasta covered in a Cajun seasoned butter sauce and a buffalo chicken flavored patty with a drink of diet fruit punch. there is never enough ravioli or formuoli
  10. I'm married as of July 16, 2016

  11. likewise. Im glad there isn't any sort of debate here Thank you. I'm quite content now. This week has been quite enlightening despite my earlier posts.
  12. Hey there Orthodox Christian here.
  13. the movie was pretty good all things considered. Spoiler Alert It got a good amount of flack because one of the main characters of the autobots dies. I highly recommend it if you wanna kill sometime.
  14. Glad I could influence your auditory choices What a great cover of the song too
  15. Stripped covered by Rammstein I believe