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  1. Hello. Hope you've been doing good, old friend.

  2. Wow, love your avatar, so cool.

  3. I prefer the same high or shorter, but short girls whom i really like
  4. Season 5 was something i would call a "meh" season, the first episodes of season 6 had the same problem. Personally, i can say i like every episodes, but you know the feeling when you watch something you really enjoy and in the end you say: "wow that was really good". Now the past 3 episodes, included this one, made me feel this way. For a long time, these episodes were the first (except the season finales) what i can call really enjoyable episodes. They were interesting, had good plot and I like the new characters as well. So congrats to the writers, again I feel pleased after I have watched it. Oh and the song, man, was very well made. Oh and the Gordon Ramsey pony xD first i thought he will be the one who was called by Rarity.
  5. There is no way to achive world piece cuz every people thinks differently. Every nation has their own aspect, different cultures and rules. If you wanna world piece you have to unite all the nations and force them to obey your ways. Now this will never happen, there will be always people who will rebel against the law you would create.
  6. I don't think that many of you knows what you are talking about. First of all, what is the situation when you don't have any opportunities but eating human flesh? In the desert? Arctic? I don't think in places where the climate is inmoderate the first problem of your's would be the food. There are always other possibilities to find food, so tell me just one extreme situation where you don't have absolutely any choice but eating your companion. Seriously it was hard to even read those comment where you stated that you would eat human flash without batting an eyelid. Let's separate two things: 1: First of all, i'm not talking about how immoral or sinful to consume flesh, but just think about it, if you found a corpse(cuz you stated, that you wouldn't kill anybody for the flesh) how do you know how has it died? What was the circumstances of death? It's like eating a dead animal you have just found. So tell me what is the situation where you and a dead corpse are alone and there is nothing else and you are so embittered that you don't even try to find something else? 2: Many of you probably just curious and don't think about it how this situation would look like. Have ever seen even a dead animal and thought "hmm how would a situation look like if I had to eat this poor thing?" But not just seeing it, smell the corpse's scent. Now imagine in situation where you are somewhere, there is a corpse you have just found, and you have to slice it up, remove the organs and chop into pieces, cook it(which has a really bad smell) and then you eat it? I know that a body after death is just a body but still. For those who said that they would eat their family, there are no words. Seriously if your friend, family member or anyone you know and love died in front of your eyes, would you seriously do the same I have described above? Not to mention where would you find fresh flesh? Do you think it's just magically appear in front of you or what? It's just gross. Don't tell me that you people wouldn't find anything else but flesh if you were a situation where you need food. You are just curious for any reasons.
  7. Wow...I guess you didn't have that many visitors then. If i have experienced something like that, I would run away as fast as I can from there.
  8. I've heard a story about one of my relatives, who played that table game with her friends. Nothing paranormal happened to them but 2 of them had pets...a cat and the other guy had a parrot. Both died after a week one after another.
  9. I have always wondered that these games are true or not. According to the people's opinions about it, it's 50/50. I guess this is nothing to do with the Levander Town creepypasta...oh wait. I don't think you are haunted, the best possibility I can think of, it's a dead pikachu from your old tamagotchi in the attic, which you starved to death over the years and now it came back for revenge.
  10. This is from a russian band's cover
  11. Who you gonna call? ... The Winchester brothers! I can't say I believe in ghosts but I don't hush away the theory of something we can't explain yet. There can be million possibilities what are the ghosts we are believe in (or not). Maybe it's just humanity's fantasy but how can you be sure that it'n not a complety different thing? Well science can't prove everything. I mean, we couldn't even map most of our waters. What's in the universe? What is it? There is an end of it? We don't know. Maybe someday we will have the technology to understand what ghosts really are, if they exist. This is what I think, but it's just my theory. I'm the person who believes in everything if there is a physical evidence of it. If somebody can prove that ghosts are real it's fine. BTW here's a creepy video of the most possible ghost activities that could be real
  12. The first thing that came to mind is that the "full-anime-style" would be something like they attend to high school, we would have all the cliché characters and they """"accidentally"""" fell every single time, when the stallion protagonist who is the typical good-for-nothing character showes up, for a "flash". Yes, i know that not every anime is like this, but cmon, you know what i'm talking about.
  13. I consider myself as a bird-lover tho i don't have one, but my vote is on ravens(clever little guys) and this:
  14. Well...that had been a rough night back then when the greeks made up these two for the next day.