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  1. I liked the episode overall, the theme was pretty solid and the developing interesting. However, I think the excessive pandering is excessive and could've been avoided for a better result. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved ep100, and it's for this I think they could've spared these fanservice bullets in this one. Like everything, winking to fans is good as long as it's something contained, and I feel we're seeing too much of it lately. At this point, I'd love seeing the writers mercilessly crush some headcanons rather than confirming them, just to show us they are still able to surprise us without reusing stuff the fandom has created.
  2. Well, I downloaded it but it wouldn't run on my Linux laptop. For insurance, I inspected the file with a `file` command, and I can confirm the Linux version is 32-bit. I don't know if Unity free-version can generate a 64-bit build; I think so, but I can't help you - in case, you should check the export options and stuff (you'd need to develop on a 64-bit OS of course).
  3. If you want the full list of ponies you can: type a random letter (e.g. 'a') click on the "Ponies" title bar The same goes with moves, abilities and items.
  4. DISCLAIMER: Poképon is a project I started like 2 years ago, as a mean to learn Java. Currently, it is in Alpha stage, which means it is playable, but it has some bugs and it lacks a lot of stuff. THE GAME The game itself is a Pokémon-like battle simulator, inspired by Pokémon Showdown, with a client-server structure and multiplayer-only gameplay. Battling is done by connecting to a Poképon server and challenging other players with either a random team or a pre-built one. The game package contains the client, the teambuilder and the server - which means you can not only connect to the official Poképon server, but also host your own on your computer. DOWNLOADING AND PLAYING In order to play, you need to have Java 1.7 or later. If you don't have it, you can download it for free here. The latest version of Poképon can be downloaded from here. Since the game is under development, the latest build changes quite frequently, but it's quite rare that a release breaks the previous one, so you shouldn't be concerned with always having the most updated one: every time I publish a release which forces you to update the game, I publish a post on the home page. The game hasn't a built-in updater, so you need to download the full game each time, but this is not so bad, as it's like 15MB in size. Poképon runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and anything which can run Java. To start the game, you can follow the instructions on this page. Usually you just have to double-click the downloaded Jar file. A launcher will open: to connect to a server, you need to select Client and insert the server IP and port (you can usually leave the port to its default value 12344). The official Poképon server is , port 12344. (You can connect to it by inserting as the server IP in the Client prompt window) Then, basically follow the instructions on the paged linked before ( NOTES Poképon is free software: you can get the source code here, fork the repository, make your own changes (as long as you keep it free software - see the LICENSE file) etc. OFFICIAL SITE All the news, info and stuff about Poképon can be found on There are a typechart and a ponydex too, so you can easily find info about a pony, a move and so on. CONTRIBUTING Since this is a quite big project, any contribution is much appreciated. This means mostly: contribute with art (background music, game sprites, logos, and so on) contribute with code (fix bugs, suggest new features, etc - for all these things, please use GitHub's pull requests and issues) bug reporting (the client has a "open debug window" option; I suggest always checking it, so if the game crashes you can send me a stack trace - usually the most recent lines in the debug window are enough) suggest builds (moves and abilities) for ponies which lack them: many ponies currently have a very poor movepool, so if you want you can invent new moves/abilities and ask me to implement them!
  5. I'm currently mostly using Go, Java and Coffeescript, but I'm also dusting my C++ on some small projects As soon as I have the time, I'm opening a thread about a pony videogame project I've been having at hoof for quite a long time, hopefully someone'll be interested in it That pic, hnnnng <3
  6. Just watched trailer #1. So: fan pandering -> monster is a panda. (kinda) Gotta love M.A. Larson.
  7. Most of s5 eps so far concern cutie marks, so I don't see the cmc getting their own as an impossible thing. Also, I'm pretty sure there's much more to the cmc's potential than just the "getting a cm" stuff. The storywriters surely don't lack creativity on that front.
  8. I only watched the 2nd trailer not to spoil me too much, but I'm assuming from the comments that Vinyl's voice wasn't heard in the first one...I hope we'll hear her talking (after all she appears in the trailer, so it's not impossible), though I'm so used to have Nowacking dub her it may be strange if she had any other voice Also, I'm really digging to see more Spa sisters on screen
  9. Thank y'all for the warm welcome
  10. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Randomly watched a S1 episode on TV Hi everyone, I'm from Italy; I've been a brony since late 2011 and I just decided to drop here and have a look around - since most of the Italian fandom is split into small pieces, there aren't any good large communities anymore, so let's try again here I'm 23, currently studying at university, I like programming (here is where I keep my projects and stuff) and I seldom draw too (here is my deviantART profile). Looking forward to have fun here