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  1. Rainbow Cloud

    Science Static Electricity

    I always seem to get static shocks off cars, usually mostly from the doors when getting out but also from the seat adjustment lever in one of our cars too.
  2. Think I'll always be a fan of FiM but I don't really know how long I'll still be in the fandom, G5 holds no interest to me so so it seems inevitably I'll drift away from it at some point. Things can change but that's kind of how I feel at the moment.
  3. All the time, I'm often deep in thought and drift off but it's nice to zone out of reality for a while.
  4. Rainbow Cloud

    Video Game Music A-Z

    Castelia City - Pokémon Black/White
  5. I just ignore them and act like I don't care, denying them the battle is the best way to win.
  6. Rainbow Cloud

    Video Game Music A-Z

    Azalea Town - Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
  7. Relief I guess, finally found to courage to ask about something that's been bothering me and what I was worrying about seems to be ok.
  8. I'm 32, I still look reasonably young but I feel old.
  9. No, although I do like some shows or games with anthropomorphic animals I do not identify as one and don't consider myself a furry.
  10. Rainbow Cloud


    Tattoo's wouldn't be my style as I prefer to leave my body unaltered and wouldn't want something permanently inked on it, I'm also allergic to pain which doubly rules it out.
  11. Rainbow Cloud

    Gaming Favorite Video Game?

    My favourite video game is Sonic Adventure, particularly the Dreamcast version as I prefer it to the DX version. It's cheesy and glitchy but I love the gameplay and story of the game and it holds so much nostalgia and happy memories. Also really like Sonic Adventure 2 as well.
  12. Probably more to escape life and chill out for a while, not really sure if it's improved my life but it doesn't do any harm to forget about things and have fun for a while.
  13. No I wouldn't be friends with a creep.
  14. About a month ago, prior to that I'd been letting it grow for about year and a half and it was getting to a nice length. I had to get it cut because I had two job interviews last month which predictably turned out to be a waste of time and I regret getting it cut now.
  15. :balloon:Happy Birthday!:blue_baloon:


    1. Nsxile


      Thanks Cloud :yay:

  16. Rainbow Cloud

    Video Game Music A-Z

    Yacker's Plea - Sonic Colours
  17. No, I block most of them and ignore the one's that can't be blocked.
  18. It says that I tidy the room using a system of organised chaos.
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