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  1. YEEEEEES Thank you! I knew the title was something like that, I thought it was "luna's redemption" or similar. I knew Psychgoth made it. Thank you so much, where'd you find this? You just always have this link on hand or did you provide the download yourself? It sounds better than ever with high quality headphones, better than I remember 5-6 years ago.
  2. Sorry guys, those aren't it. It was about a 3 minute video and it had all of the pictures I posted above in it. I could've sworn it had around 10 thousand views or so when I last saw it but that was years ago. I really hope the creator didn't delete it. It wasn't animated, it was just a slideshow.
  3. So I'm kinda struggling to find this one particular old (really old) fanmade track about Nightmare Moon. I could've sworn Psychgoth/LaRaikaa made this but I can't find the track anywhere on his channel. I can't really describe what the music sounds like or anything. All I remember were a few things. The youtube video was kinda like a slideshow story, showing how Luna became Nightmare Moon, fought Princess Celestia, lost, and then turned back to normal and filled with regret. I remember the only vocals in the track were "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". or something like that. It wasn't just one type of music like dubstep or techno. It started out with a melodramatic piano piece, then got a little more electronic and dramatic. These were some of the pictures in in the youtube video: If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd be really thankful. I'm sorry I couldn't give any extra details, it's been too long.
  4. Since this thread had been brought back a couple of times, figured there'd be no harm in me using it myself. I like to Lucid dream quite a bit, and while I've lost the majority of my interest in this show, Equestria is still a setting I enjoy visiting in my dreams. My last lucid dream involved me in a vast plaza. I first thought that I was in Canterlot, but based on the setting, I think I was more likely under the giant tower in the Crystal Empire. I was amazed at my surroundings. Walking all over the area, I saw buildings in the style of the Crystal Empire and I saw several different ponies walking by. Some were nice, cheerfully saying hello to me after I greeted them, but some were very rude. One was Trixie, wearing some pseudo-pony suit. She just "harumphed" at me and frowned while passing by me. Being fully aware and conscious in a dream isn't really that hard, but gaining control over dreams can be difficult. It requires confidence and a really strong ability to visualize.
  5. I know I don't come back here to much anymore, but I'm just here to wish everyone a good night and to remind them that life will always get better. :)

    1. LeonShi500


      *too, Apparently I don't keep track of my spelling neither.

  6. It's nice to be back on the Forums after my long absence. Looks like you've changed the layout. I like it. :)

  7. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  8. Can't agree with this more. I want this franchise to be as isolated as possible.
  9. This incredibly unfortunate and terrible tragedy will definitely give Donald Trump an edge in the election.

  10. Yes, I occasionally do. In my dream from last night, I dreamed that Twilight Sparkle was Harry Potter and that Celestia was Dumbledore. Luna was next to Celestia, but I don't know if she was supposed to be any particular character. It's been years since I had any interest in Harry Potter so I guess my mind is just randomly mixing and matching characters as it see's fit. This time, it just happened to be My Little Pony and Harry Potter characters. Anyway, Twilight Sparkle was either supposed to deliver a speech to the two Alicorns or she was supposed to take a written test in front of them. Either way, she was looking for some papers and was eventually showing signs of anxiety to full out panic. The two Alicorns showed concern, but didn't offer to help. There was more to the dream, but none of it was MLP related.
  11. Lmao Sure, they can add in as many edgy/dark moments as they want. Problem is, it'll probably make me take the show less seriously.
  12. Probably the one that doesn't destroy itself over silly debates of racial superiority. Just my guess.
  13. The fanbase is remaining consistent in number alone. The people who made the largest impact in the fanbase years ago are nearly all gone. Without them, it gives off the illusion that the fanbase is shrinking. They were the ones that really made this show feel alive and they helped it stand out from just being a silly hipster trend that would immediately die out. It's not shrinking in number, but what good is that?
  14. But really, Simon described the situation the best. Even if the system was working here the best way that it could while still being in favor of the man in question here, the entire case is still stupid from a logical and moral perspective.