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  1. I heard the MLP reference on NBC News recently as well. It was pretty shocking.
  2. This episode was better than I expected. The plot seems like something from a young adult novel. Ember was awesome and it was also neat to see Garble return.
  3. I can't really say... they are all good in their own way.
  4. It would be so cruel that eternal night would be miserable and her ruling would be so harsh.
  5. The Sombraverse because of how warlike it is and how Rainbow Dash looked in that universe.
  6. One of my favorite episodes in this season. The songs were really well done and Rara was portrayed nicely.
  7. I hope so because the ending seemed like Starlight was a new member to the Mane 6. If that becomes canon, that would be great.
  8. This is such a cool episode. I also like how the concept of time travel is used throughout most of the episode and how no Sonic Rainboom could affect the future. I also hope Starlight Glimmer will be a new addition to the Mane 6.
  9. Happy Birthday, have a nice day! :)

  10. Hiya! Just wanted to say thanks for the add :)

  11. I enjoy artists such as Odyssey Eurobeat, Silva Hound, MandoPony, The Shake Ups, and Foozogz.