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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. A two day old oatmeal cookie with raisins. Seriously though, why are oatmeal cookies delicious?
  3. Wow digital art is WAY easier than traditional. It just looks so nice.

  4. Playing an intense match of Team Fortress 2.
  5. Eh, it's okay. A couple of good episodes, but the majority of them are just... meh. Hopefully the second half is good, but this season's current track record is making me think otherwise.
  6. I find that when learning how to draw something that it's easier to practice drawing it traditionally (as in pencil & paper), but if you're commited to doing it digitally then you'd better have a tablet. These are the programs that I use whenever I'm drawing digitally: Medibang Paint Pro (has tons of features, mobile apps, cloud sync, and it's 100% free) Paint Tool Sai (great for coloring but costs a bit) GIMP (like photoshop, but free. personally I'd rather use something else over this, but it's good for editing pictures) Anyway, a list of programs won't help you if you don't know what to do when it comes to drawing small magic horses, so here's a SUPER USEFUL guide that I used (and still use from time to time) when I was learning how to draw ponies: Part One: Pony Heads Part Two: Pony Bodies Part Three: Pony Wings Part Four: Pony Pictures So what you wanna do with these programs (or pencil & paper) and guides is to draw! To start I suggest redrawing stills from the show/vectors (and I do not mean just tracing over the pictures, that's cheating) and trying to imitate the show's style. Once you've got a general idea how pony bodies work go ahead and try drawing unique poses + angles without references. Just practice practice practice. Yes your ponies may not look great at first, but give it time + practice and you'll eventually be great at drawing them! If you want you can add me on Skype (it's on my profile page at the bottom) if you want some one on one drawing sessions. If you don't wanna do that, but do want some questions answered go ahead and ask!
  7. Nah, I don't believe that ghosts are a thing. Stories/games with them can be spooky though as long as they do it right.
  8. CG just wouldn't work in the movie (or anything really) since It'd completely destroy the look & feel of MLP FIM. Plus if the went CG they couldn't just use the animators that work on the show; they'd have to either get new people or outsource it to another company.
  9. Music in CSGO that sounds like it belongs in a Half-Life game.
  10. Since earth ponies haven't lived with either wings or a horn they just don't see what they're missing out on.
  11. I've used Chrome for years now and I'm likely to stick with it for a long time, but I'll try out Edge once it gets extension support.
  12. Dress For Art by JayB I don't like the "lyrics", but the beat is nice.
  13. So I managed to get to level 7 before the game crashed so hard that neither of my monitors wouldn't recognize that they were plugged in, combined with the looping growling of the monster at 2 in the morning made that a fun experience. That was the only crash I experienced with the game, which did some things pretty well: I actually felt scared of the monster. Running from it and hiding behind a rock while it's right there, growling and gurgling really got my heart pounding. Sound design made you feel like you were the only living thing in there. The notes and Twilight's comments added to the atmosphere of loneliness and dread. I like how the passages at the end of each level rhymed. But the game isn't flawless, for example: It was visually boring. Everything looked like boxes made of boxes. A bit more variety in textures & models would be nice. There was a lot of repetition. Some variety in puzzles would make the game a lot more fun & challenging. Twilight is really loud in some bits (You're walking through the dark, silent labyrinth, the only sound heard is your hoofsteps echoing down the dark, stone corridor. Coming up to a door, you decide to try and open it... only for Twilight to scream, for no reason, at the top of her lungs "IT'S LOCKED!") You have a fun & scary game already, but fixing the above issues could really make this a solid experience. I played it for about an hour (got to level 7, where it kept crashing) and had a blast. It ram like a dream too, even at max settings! I'd love to play it again after the issue with level 7 is fixed! Running 64bit Windows 10 Home. AMD cpu+gpu, 8GB ram. Max settings @ 1080p windowed.
  14. I've decided to give the Metro games a shot, so I'm currently playing through Metro 2033 Redux atm. Really fun and really hard on survivor ranger mode. Super immersive too.