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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I use multi media maker 2,(The engine that FNaF is using) it works for the most part
  3. (Please note the main plot started off as a joke) Ok, so I made an OC called Mary Sue as part of a joke, A few months later I tried to put here in an Anti-magic dystrophy. I let that boil then desided to bring it back a little more, and this is what I got. A group of 4 ponies, known amongst them selves as Avatars, Are the next age and power change in equestrian history. These stories follow them in day to day life as they slowly accept they're Destiny of being the new gods of the new world, while waiting for this one to end. I have a few stories for this kinda mapped out I h
  4. I am on the fence still, I plan to do gizmo,(I have an version of him in the character directory) Issue is he is an Avatar of Discord. So...he is very OP
  5. I might join this once i have time to sort out my OC
  6. Looking at this made me relize that my default playlist now is this one and the last 3 vids were music my pokect desided to add....I have corrected this error and will looking forward to see when this comes out
  7. Does anyone here know drones, I trying to power a 600mw  32channel transmitter off a 9volt battry, does anyone know this is possible, i using it to transmit my Rassberry Pi zero to my FPV goggles. Will this work? Or do i need to by a drone battery for it?

  8. This is going to be a pain to link stuff to eachother, also goodbye youtube CYOAs D:
  9. I am here, and soon we may do another thing soon, but we have no idea what, with who or when stay tuned. also, I appear less and less....muhahahaha *cough* idk
  10. Gamer_KM

    Critique Wanted Fanfic Idea feedback.

    Well yes and no, yes is has very mary sue traits, but she hates it to NOT be unique
  11. Hello, this is a spoiler warning for the whole EqG franchise, If you have yet to watch the movies or buy any of the merch, please stop the reading and do so. You Have been warned. Welcome, I am gamer_km and i am to try to explain what the F*ck is magic in equestria girls. So buckle up, bunker down and prepare to be amazed at how much I can explain Let’s begin. To understand the magic of the EqG universe, you need to understand what is causing it. The elements of harmony, or the macguffins of plot convenes as I call them, are 6 magic fruit that came from the tree of harmony, t
  12. That moment when you stump an spam bot on kik

  13. Oh ship.....It's my birthday ? ?

    1. Vulcan


      Happy Birthday!

  14. Oh ship.....It's my birthday ? ?

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