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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I use multi media maker 2,(The engine that FNaF is using) it works for the most part
  3. (Please note the main plot started off as a joke) Ok, so I made an OC called Mary Sue as part of a joke, A few months later I tried to put here in an Anti-magic dystrophy. I let that boil then desided to bring it back a little more, and this is what I got. A group of 4 ponies, known amongst them selves as Avatars, Are the next age and power change in equestrian history. These stories follow them in day to day life as they slowly accept they're Destiny of being the new gods of the new world, while waiting for this one to end. I have a few stories for this kinda mapped out I have listed them below, and am open to ideas(No, I am not going to add ylur OC to try to out edge you) The Avatar and The Artist: While out for coffee, Mary, the Avatar of Harmony, attracts the eye of an earth pony artist, and must hide her secret from them. The Twins and the Dress: Lynnet, The Avatar of Darkness and her brother Sol, the avatar of light, get in an argument about who looks better in a dress. The Tinker and the Demon: Gizmo, The Avatar of Entropy, Trys to ask his childhood friend out for a date, His inner Demons won't let him.
  4. I am on the fence still, I plan to do gizmo,(I have an version of him in the character directory) Issue is he is an Avatar of Discord. So...he is very OP
  5. Looking at this made me relize that my default playlist now is this one and the last 3 vids were music my pokect desided to add....I have corrected this error and will looking forward to see when this comes out
  6. Does anyone here know drones, I trying to power a 600mw  32channel transmitter off a 9volt battry, does anyone know this is possible, i using it to transmit my Rassberry Pi zero to my FPV goggles. Will this work? Or do i need to by a drone battery for it?

  7. This is going to be a pain to link stuff to eachother, also goodbye youtube CYOAs D:
  8. I am here, and soon we may do another thing soon, but we have no idea what, with who or when stay tuned. also, I appear less and less....muhahahaha *cough* idk
  9. Well yes and no, yes is has very mary sue traits, but she hates it to NOT be unique
  10. Hello, this is a spoiler warning for the whole EqG franchise, If you have yet to watch the movies or buy any of the merch, please stop the reading and do so. You Have been warned. Welcome, I am gamer_km and i am to try to explain what the F*ck is magic in equestria girls. So buckle up, bunker down and prepare to be amazed at how much I can explain Let’s begin. To understand the magic of the EqG universe, you need to understand what is causing it. The elements of harmony, or the macguffins of plot convenes as I call them, are 6 magic fruit that came from the tree of harmony, they are used as a super weapon against anyone who disagrees with the main cast. They act as a focuses to amp up the magic of the users via a spell matrix, before being shot out of the Element of magic. “What spell matrix? Are you trying to tie in Fallout Equestria here too”, I hear you yell. No, not quite, the elements are kinda like a computer network or an assembly line, as the magic is pass through an element, the user adds their magic to it making it bigger and stronger. Then it reaches the user of the element of magic to cast the spell. This is best demonstrated when they summon discord ( Anyways let's get back to the topic at hand. In the first movie Sunset steals the element of magic, and Twilight and the human 5 use the magic of “friendship” to defeat her. But that’s not quite the case, yes twi’s relationship with the human 5 did play a part, but it was twi that did most of the work. Look at this screenshot ( of them as the use the magic, and when they protected her just before the element linked back to twilight. Both times they made a magic circle.Twilight saw that the human 5 did in fact reflect her friends, and when they blasted sunset, the magic started at twilight and traveled backwards to fluttershy. “So why did they get pony ears and stuff then the elements blasted them?” You say, well the elements have a template, what they recognize who can wield them, Twilight’s element being made from the other 5, has a master template of them. When sunset puts it on the element went “Ok, this person has strong magical potential, and I cannot see other elements, let give this use access it” hence why sunset’s body corrupts, it’s now in a form that can easily use magic, And when twilight and party “go oh shit, we got to stop her” their hearts aligned and the element of magic saw this and associated a template with a person, then grated the ability to channel that magic. It tried to turn them into horses, but stopped because they had a good sense of self as a human, and don't want to be in an alien body. And as the magic passed through them, it left a small part of it behind, permanently changing them. In the weeks after the first movie Fluttershy and Rainbow dash would have seen weight loss, Aj and Pinkie, a jump in muscle mass gained. And rarity would have more energy. Why? Because that magic is still there, trying to match a preset that their minds wouldn't allow. So what about 2ed movie, well, We are going to throw friendship out the window here, because this movie is about music, what’s a harmony? Well according to webster's it’s “the combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound” Among other things, they are using instruments to invoke a harmony to the point where they seemingly are able to summon the embodiment of harmony to laser friendship at the sirens. this is also why Rainbow dash “ponies up” while no one else does in the Im awesome song, because it is reacting to her magic, and ego. So onto the 3ed movie, Well it’s really all sci twi’s fault here, she is opening rifts between worlds. Allowing more magic to come into their world, and what did the elements do that season prier, used the Elements of harmony to restore magic to everypony. That is a still lingering spell afterward, a hole opens in reality and the magic sees that there are ponies with weak magic here, it’s going to fix that. So the get a power boost, then sci twi’s magic compassion eats it, And at the end the same as the first, both Twilight and sunset go into forms that are better to use magic, she seals the holes then confronts twilight, their magic cancels each other out and they move on, twi getting PTSD in the process on top of her new magic. Movie 4….well they had 3 other times they used magic at some point, it’s building up in them, when gloriosa uses the Element gems she found, it left a residue that the human 7 magic absorb, It gave them enough of a push to give them powers akin to their elements. Because of damage to the portal the stones are connected to the tree, acting as a counterpart to the real elements, so when they get them, human 7 get a power boost. Maybe they are harmony seeds? Who knows? If you, Liked this Let me know, I may do it again. 
  11. That moment when you stump an spam bot on kik

  12. Oh ship.....It's my birthday ? ?

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      Happy Birthday!

  13. Oh ship.....It's my birthday ? ?