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  1. Yawn

    1. TheLegoBrony
    2. Dawning Demon

      Dawning Demon

      *yawns too* :3

    3. IcefireInfinite


      I need to stop going to bed at 5 in the morning.

  2. Can i buy your kitthe? also why am I getting so many brohoofs 0_o
  3. This survey has some pretty fucked up questions, like did your parents die before 18? Why the hell do you need to know that
  4. Because your are, im pretty sure you might have known already xD
  5. I agree with this You don't need too be shy, your pretty
  6. Without sound weird or anything, your look pretty This is the only one your ever getting... I've been looking on here for a few days now so decided to dig out some old photos from my dads old digital camera. This is probably a 3 - 4 years old so please don't be taken off by the whole ''emo phase'' thing (was a late leaver too that fad) but not a huge amount changes during that time apart from maybe putting on a few pounds and sticking too my natural eye colour (blue) Can't believe I still have that same jacket though I should probably throw it out sometime!!!
  7. I don't think this is the right section, this is for technical support on the site.
  8. Paint is not a good tool for drawing really, try an online tool called Pixlr, it's free and better than paint
  9. That second song... there is no god... I agree, this song is amazing xD
  10. Wow, this is just amazing.
  11. What is the best worst song you have ever found? This is not my best one but it's still pretty good!