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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. There's a lot of things I don't eat because I don't feel like cleaning it up later. What does it matter?
  3. My brother takes joy in spoiling things for people. The worst he did to me was spoiling volume 7 of RWBY. That one hurt in particular because it's a show that he got into because I introduced it to him.
  4. No. I feel like I haven't really accomplished anything in life. Every joy is fleeting
  5. I would say the fandom, but I've kinda been drifting out of it.
  6. I used to go heavy on the playful rudeness with close friends. Not so much anymore. I still sometimes swear around the ones who are comfortable with it, but I'm mostly pretty quiet around my friends now
  7. Of course. I was still basically a child when I joined this site, and now I'm almost old enough to drink. I've changed pretty drastically as a person in that span of time.
  8. I'm not sad, exactly. I *am* disappointed with myself for being a college dropout.
  9. Buy Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and movies. I guess put the rest away in case something comes up.
  10. I saw someone reacted to this old old post with some disappointed pony emoji. Well don't worry, I got about 10 bucks in dimes now.
  11. If I were you, I would avoid idealizing relationships. If you jump into one just for the sake of it, you're not gonna have a fun time. When I was in high school I thought having a girlfriend would magically solve all my problems and make me happier. It didn't. I had to end that relationship because neither of us were happy or knew what we wanted/expected from each other. Because we were too young. Just, don't place such urgency on "finding" a partner. Go about your life, talk, make friends, and odds are you'll meet someone you click with.
  12. Figured I'd just drop you a follow! 

  13. Ayy, welcome! Fallout Equestria is a classic worth checking out, if you need something to read.
  14. Merry Birthiversary!