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  1. What is this from? I swear I never saw this in any episode. I watched most episodes from season 6-present only once, but I feel like I would remember this? Am I just an idiot?













    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      Those images from the episode, 'Tanks for the Memories',were edited by somepony else. 

  2. Idk. Probably Olympia or Seattle. Lotsa culture. Lotsa rain. Not a lotta money. Sounds fun.
  3. GeekySonic

    General What style do you like your hair to be?

    Buzzed short. I couldn't care less about hairstyle. I just hate having long hair. It gets all frizzy and ugly looking. I prefer to wear hats anyway.
  4. GeekySonic

    Movies/TV Favorite Christmas Movie?

    I don't really have a thing for Christmas movies. The only one I would go out of my way to watch around Christmastime is It's a Wonderful Life.
  5. GeekySonic

    Health Things That Help You Fall Asleep at Night

    A long day of self-hatred takes the energy right out of me.
  6. GeekySonic

    Music Songs You Can Listen To Forever

    I can listen to Adam Young's music for hours at a time. This is just one gem of his. A lot of his older stuff have this enchanting magic to them.
  7. GeekySonic

    Video One Guy, 31 Voices

    I appreciate it, thank you. ^.^
  8. GeekySonic

    Video One Guy, 31 Voices

    I put together a sort of demo reel. I'm thinking about making a Pokemon version, too.
  9. Merry Birthiversary! 

  10. After a slight delay, it's finally here! This, this is still relevant, right guys? It's a bit shorter than previous episodes. Then again, evidently only four of us were available to get this thing going. However, it's not too late to join MLPForums Reacts! If you want to be part of the next episode (the production of which has just begun), then message me or leave a comment, and I will invite you to our Discord server! Anyhoo, enough of my yammering. Go and watch the latest episode! I think we all had fun with it, and TranceBrony really busted his tail to get it done.
  11. GeekySonic

    More Reacters Needed for MLPF Reacts

    Of course! I'll PM you the invite link.
  12. GeekySonic

    More Reacters Needed for MLPF Reacts

    Well, you can get creative and do weird gimmicks. For the season 8 premiere video I filmed almost everything in a sort of first-person view. As for the other matter, that's totally okay. Each reacter varies on what approach they take for videos. You don't have to try and force yourself to be funny. I'd recommend just do whatever you feel would be fun to do.
  13. MLPForums Reacts is way behind schedule. Creator FlightForce has left the fandom and the project for the foreseeable future. TranceBrony is now the only editor as it currently stands. With only a handful of active reacters, we're in danger. While the video for the season 8 premiere is finished up, we are looking to expand our team once again. If you want to join us and participate in the reaction of the season 8 finale video, leave a comment below so I can invite you to our Discord server. All of our collaboration is done through Discord, so a Discord account is a must. Additional video editors would also be more than welcome. The majority of the work has fallen to TranceBrony, and I'm sure he would appreciate the help. Gamer_KM put together a playlist of all episodes of MLPForums Reacts, which you can view here:
  14. GeekySonic

    Movies/TV Official Doctor Who season 11 Discussion Thread

    I still have to wait for the DVD.
  15. GeekySonic

    The Brony fandom without Equestria girls

    I can attest to that. A high school friend of mine has a little brother who doesn't particularly care for MLP, but he loves Equestria Girls (Rainbow Rocks, especially).