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    I love love love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! I enjoy role playing and have always wanted to play in a pony rp. I LOVE the collectible card game, if you play or want to learn and live in or near Mansfield Ohio get a hold of me! I will play with you and or teach you!

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  1. Cherry_Bloom

    Private Two passing ships

    The pink pegasus pony, Cherry Bloom looked up as she sat a tray with freshly baked muffins down on the counter. "Why hello there darlin! I'm Cherry Bloom and this here is Cherry's sweet treats. I know it doesn't look like much but i can promise you the food more than makes up for my humble little stand." she said as she gave the newcomer a warm kind smile. "I have all sorts of goodies here, candies and baked goods for any taste! Anything from carrot cakes and cherry pies, to apple dumplings and home made chocolates." she said happily. "care for a sample?" she asked cheerfully.
  2. Cherry_Bloom

    OOC Two passing ships, what will happen?

    If you don't mind starting I'd appreciate it, i've never been very good at starting an rp.
  3. oh! ok! well I'll have to try and get drinking some glass bottle pop then lol.
  4. Draco watched her and couldn't help but to begin to laugh. "Oh you should see your face you silly filly!" He chortled wildly amused. "Oh my little ponies you truly are entertaining." He added before looking at spikus. ')" and how are you adjusting? " he asked curiously.
  5. how do you get them though? I don't think I've ever even held a metal cap before.
  6. Cherry_Bloom

    OOC Two passing ships, what will happen?

    I would love to interact with Scarlet then!
  7. Cherry_Bloom

    Private 1x1 with Cherry Bloom

    Cherry smiled happily and nodded sitting down. "Oh I had a wonderful time! I haven't been to the theater in she's and your performance was incredible!" She complimented. "I wanted to thank you again for the generous gift you have in letting me come tonight. I really enjoyed it!" She added. "I don't mean to intrude by the way. I just wanted to tell you that you are truly very talented."
  8. Cherry_Bloom

    OOC Two passing ships, what will happen?

    I would love to interact with aqua or scralet. I can see both being very interesting since one is under developed and is afraid of being found out and the other doesn't like Pegasus ponies.
  9. Draco watched them talk then suddenly began to laugh. "Here. Let me try something." He said as he put his right hoof on spikes forehead and his left hoof on Akane's( I think. Did I spell it wrong?) Forehead. His hooves glowed softly and suddenly the entire language and all of equestrian grammar and spelling filled their minds making then able to read write and speak fluently. " I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner." He said as his magic made the kitchen clean itself. "Rainbow dash is in the paper for winning the best young flyer competition." He then said and looked at spike. "You're over thinking things my friend. Is simply a walk away and with pony legs it's quicker than before. " he added. A cupcake appeared floating in front of Draco and he took a bite happily. " I will be going to town later myself to get more groceries so you're welcome to come. "
  10. I love fall out. How does one get bottle caps? Or will the normal plastic ones do?
  11. You're one of my very favorite artists! What do you mean caps?
  12. Cherry_Bloom

    OOC Two passing ships, what will happen?

    Well ummmm let's see... My character Sparkle Heart tends to be shy and somewhat nervous. And I enjoy dramatic rps myself. As for a plot though I'm not sure.
  13. Well that certainly sounds interesting. I'm not entirely sure I know bon bon very well but I could try.
  14. Cherry_Bloom

    OOC Two passing ships, what will happen?

    Hi! Sooooooooo what are you thinking as far as what to do?
  15. Cherry_Bloom

    Private 1x1 with Cherry Bloom

    Cherry bloom watched in awe as the performance went on and when curtain fell she applauded happily. "That was wonderful!" She said mostly to herself. As three other ponies stood to leave she looked around and made her way towards the back stage area wanting to congratulate him on his amazing performance. Not having been a theater pony she was unfamiliar with the stage and back stage areas and as she was looking around a security pony stopped her. "You lost? You aren't allowed back here. Get lost." He said with an annoyed tone. She blinked and started to explain herself but he shook his head and held his hoof up motioning for her to stop talking. "I said get lost. " he insisted then nudged her making her turn around. She sighed softly and started to leave.