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  1. Happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a lovely time~ ^~^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/7/342406/large.png

  2. so do you work with magic metals like myterial and mana steel or is that a whoel other pr0fSian
  3. Link to ooc:https://mlpforums.com/topic/141947-kings-and-killersooc/ (If you have a question about the lore please ask ooc) welcome to Equal a land of magic and tech of war and of love we have many races here to the lowlest changeling drone to the grandest of demon arch mages. So what are you a King or a killer This was the spech given to you as a greeting to the place you just arived in (insert town or city you just arived in) its time for you to go on an adventure
  4. Link to rp:https://mlpforums.com/topic/141948-kings-and-killershienationgrimdarkoccasionaly-light-heartedsandbox/ Rules 1.no harrestment 1 warning after that its a ban(if your oc is harraseing a charter plaese say its your oc not you in ooc) 2.no metagameing 3 warnings 4 a ban(with tons of exeptions) 3.keep it pg 13 M 4 mature only when oked it ooc 4.don't kill off plot important npc or npc with out haveing oked in the ooc by me or the said players pc charter sheet 5.max 3 charters per player(if you have mutiple pc please put witch 1 ye be rping with at the moment at the top of the c
  5. so guys funny story i got a new computer and a new email and just got this account back up so what happened(free to yell)
  6. @, Devon has a map i was telling you what your ocs kown technical diffucties are over ps i was going for a cartoonish vibe in the sense that they will probaly never find all the tresure but if they do it will end cheesel like it was stolen so they have to get it back in the sequal
  7. @, go to the rp if you still have questions i'll anwser them
  8. link to ooc(i hope):https://mlpforums.com/topic/133526-devons-questadventure-rp/ STORY: Letters from a colt named davon where sent to pepole(pepaloe because there not all ponys) to find a lost treasue most of these beings had special powers some where metal men others where magic druids but the letter also told of many others who whated who would kill for it the treasure will you find this lost gold? The letter states if you wish to join meet at the trottingham plaza
  9. link to rp(i hope):https://mlpforums.com/topic/133528-devons-questadventure-rp/ RULES: 1.No god moding please(unless oked by me frist) 2.Be nice btw because there ocs a jerk does not mean there a jerk 3.keep it to a pg 13 level 4.try to post once a day 5.you will be baned for rule breaking 6.i chose how many ocs you can have at one time OC CREATION SHEET Name: Race: Powers(if any): Age: Backstory: Apperace: Or a link to your oc you can be a bad guy I will rp as npcs for the most part unless you wish to rp as that npc
  10. may the fence with you?plz or do any rping for that matter
  11. i am so sorry ever been locked out of your account i just did so sorry p.s could someone fill me in on wahts goin on i'm to lazy to read trough all of it aginz sorryz can i investifgate the gate with you?
  12. i would make the day last forever with magic do everything i can and then undo my spell lope holes 4eva
  13. just found my password

  14. hi i'm bill the brohny got locked out of my account for a bit just found my password in a notebook

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