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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :wub:

  4. Jailed for cracking every egg in every carton in the grocery store
  5. Guys, guys, you're missing the clear winner here: I mean, her name starts with "The Unbeatable".
  6. I'd probably end up injured, but I could find something to distract her.
  7. Stopping would be the best solution, but I honestly would probably end up dying. Also, placing bets would require friends, or social skills.
  8. 4/10 - Cool beat, not a fan of the style of music.
  9. Wish granted: Instead, you experienced it first hand. I wish I had like, three donuts.
  10. Pinkie Pie: Energetic and food based, so clearly a perfect match.
  11. In reality I'd get to Bass Pro Shop as soon as possible and hopefully set up shop there. I doubt I'd last very long though.
  12. The Ohio Caverns. There was another cave system place I went to, but the Ohio Caverns were much cooler because we were given a history on it, and it was very interesting.
  13. I don't pay enough attention to the people around me to know, but it does annoy me whenever I find litter, and especially when they clearly were too lazy to walk ten feet to the trashcan. When I see litter I'm pretty much guaranteed to pick it up.
  14. I like licking off the frosting, eating the top, then eating the bottom. That way, frosting won't get everywhere, and crumbs are minimized.