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  1. Just got back on here, nothing seems to have changed much.

    1. Frenzyhero


      Depends on how long you were gone. Some may disagree.

  2. Got back online from a long time away, may upload some pony drawings I've done over ma break.

  3. Just upgraded my computer with a new power supply and GeForce graphics card, I feel like I'm a tech wizard!

  4. Just upgraded my computer with a new power supply and GeForce Grahpics card, feel like I'm a tech wizard!

  5. Well, here we are once again my fellow bronies... I have a drawing and you are there wondering why I won't just show it to you guys(and girls). There is a reason for this, as this photo took me quite some time(2.5 hours[2hours, 30minutes]) and I am indeed quite proud of it. My moleskin notebook I plan to get to at least half in the next year or two. It may it may not be hard depending on my mood for drawing and how amazing Season 3 of MLP will be, which will most defiantly be my beacon of inspiration. I also take inspiration from all of the comments I get on my work, know that whatever kind of post you make, praising or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all. So please, don't be (flutter)shy and review my work. Thank you all, and without further adieu, my OC. Yeah yeah, I should get a professional scanner blah blah blah... Stay Friendly my Ponies -Lapis Sharp
  6. Looking for things to do. I might start drawing some more...

  7. This is just a quick sketch of rainbow dash I made whilst I was bored. Take roughly the duration of a full Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Weirdly I decided to make the colours black and white for some reason. Oh well, but know that I appreciate any feedback on my work and yes, I know that her head is a little wierd looking, by the time I noticed it, it was already to late to do anything about it. Well, without further adieu, here she is. Stay Friendly my Ponies -Lapis Sharp
  8. Back from DC/NY... Sooo exhausted.


  10. Well, graduated... I miss my school, friends, and teachers already... :(

  11. I have a Mohawk. Just wanna let you guys know...

    1. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      shave it all off.

    2. VladmireV.S.(Crank)


      i have one too! can ya tell by my avatar?FTW!!!

  12. Well, it's all done. Your finished OC:
  13. Here I have JadeFire's hand drawn OC, which was won in this game: It includes shading, color and there were only a few flaws, such as the head being a bit misshaped. Other than that I think it turned out quite well. I think it took about 2 and a half hours and was actually quite fun to draw. To any of you game participants who didn't win this one, I'll make sure to do another game with a drawn OC being the reward once again. Next time it won't be so easy... Well, without further adieu, JadeFire, I present to you your OC! Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp
  14. I said find it on Google but good try anyways.