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  1. Silver Octave

    Lapis Sharp Self Portrait

    Well, here we are once again my fellow bronies... I have a drawing and you are there wondering why I won't just show it to you guys(and girls). There is a reason for this, as this photo took me quite some time(2.5 hours[2hours, 30minutes]) and I am indeed quite proud of it. My moleskin notebook I plan to get to at least half in the next year or two. It may it may not be hard depending on my mood for drawing and how amazing Season 3 of MLP will be, which will most defiantly be my beacon of inspiration. I also take inspiration from all of the comments I get on my work, know that whatever kind of post you make, praising or constructive criticism, I appreciate them all. So please, don't be (flutter)shy and review my work. Thank you all, and without further adieu, my OC. Yeah yeah, I should get a professional scanner blah blah blah... Stay Friendly my Ponies -Lapis Sharp
  2. Silver Octave

    Rainbow Dash Quick Pencil Sketch

    This is just a quick sketch of rainbow dash I made whilst I was bored. Take roughly the duration of a full Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Weirdly I decided to make the colours black and white for some reason. Oh well, but know that I appreciate any feedback on my work and yes, I know that her head is a little wierd looking, by the time I noticed it, it was already to late to do anything about it. Well, without further adieu, here she is. Stay Friendly my Ponies -Lapis Sharp
  3. Silver Octave

    Spot the OC

    Well, it's all done. Your finished OC:
  4. Silver Octave

    Jade Fire OC

    Here I have JadeFire's hand drawn OC, which was won in this game: It includes shading, color and there were only a few flaws, such as the head being a bit misshaped. Other than that I think it turned out quite well. I think it took about 2 and a half hours and was actually quite fun to draw. To any of you game participants who didn't win this one, I'll make sure to do another game with a drawn OC being the reward once again. Next time it won't be so easy... Well, without further adieu, JadeFire, I present to you your OC! Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp
  5. Silver Octave

    Spot the OC

    I said find it on Google but good try anyways.
  6. Silver Octave

    Spot the OC

    Yes, you have bested them bronies.You sir win.
  7. Silver Octave

    Spot the OC

    Only 2 more to go!
  8. Silver Octave

    Spot the OC

    I have recently found out that some of my creations have somehow made it to google images. I'm challenging you bronies to go for a "Hunt" for my lost creations. You'll be looking for the following: My OC My Changeling Drawing My Cadence Drawing They are actually quite easy to spot and the reward for finding such devilishly hidden creations being a personally drawn OC for you, if you want, if not, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. So go my Brony brethren! A reward awaits your valiant efforts! Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp (Formerly Steel Hooves) P.S.This is a hint ^ on what to search
  9. Silver Octave

    Hello, Ponies of Equestria

    Welcome Rainbow Blitz, I'm sure you're going to find that most everyone here is quite friendly and moderators are fair and nice. Most people will easily become your friend and if you were to post any of your work on here(Drawings,Paintings, 3D animations, stories, etc) you will without a doubt get positive feedback. There are rarely any "Trolls" around and most people are here for possibly the same reason you are, to have a great Brony community. I hope you have a great time here and just so you know, I think the Avatar post count may be "Glitched" a little, it let me adjust my profile when I only had 3 posts. Please don't mess with people here in the "Bad" way, we're all here to help and to provide FRIENDSHIP. I hope to see you around. Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp
  10. Silver Octave

    Procrastinating again...

    Hello everypony! I've been quite bored recently and I've still got my changeling drawing to color, but I can't yet do that until I get that specific green black color that I cannot obtain. So now I'm stuck in a zone of non-productiveness and really need something to do. I'm mainly a drawer, so feel free to place a request on avatars, personal drawings, or any other fan art you want me to do. I'll be sure to get to my changeling at some point, but until I receive the correct color I'll be drawing for all of my fellow bronies! Just place a request for what you want drawn and I photo that I can base it off of and I'll be sure to get to it. If you want a drawing of an OC then please be sure to provide photos of said OC(Or the pony code, if you used General Zoi's Pony Creator).I'm looking forward to them, Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp
  11. Silver Octave

    Uhhh...Hi everypony

    Welcome my new Brony friend! I'm really sure that you're going to have a great time here! The people are really nice and so are the moderators. Everyone will usually have sympathy for anything and will most likely support you in your hardest times. Everyone here has a great sense of humor and due to it's relatively small amount of members, there aren't many "Trolls" around to bug you and whatnot. Really hope to see you around Stay friendly my ponies -Lapis Sharp
  12. Silver Octave

    Changeling Sketch

    Hello my fellow bronies and pegasisters, tonight, before going to bed I've drawn for you all a Changeling commander. As per usual with all of my sketches, this took about 30 minutes and was hand drawn. I'll probably go ahead and color it tomorrow, but I hope you all give me some tips before I make my mistakes irreversible. Please give lots of feedback, I really appreciate it, brohooves also, but only if you like . Stay friendly my ponies -Steel Hooves
  13. Today, my Bronies/Pegasisters, I come to you all with another one of my drawings. It is of the pony Cadence Sparkle and has some minor shading included. I do always appreciate all kinds of feedback, positive or negative, so post whatever . This probably took me about the same time it took me to do my Pinkie Pie drawing(, which was about 3 hours. I usually take 30 minutes to draw my ponies, but that's usually without color and shading and all that stuff. My next project will probably be a changeling which I expect will be a pain in the butt, due to all of the indents and whatnot. And now without further adieu, here's my Cadence. Stay friendly my ponies. -Steel Hooves
  14. Silver Octave

    Fluttershy Drawing (FIRST ONE EVER)

    Hello my friendly bronies/pegasisters, today I come to you with my Fluttershy drawing. This was my very first drawing and got me started on all the rest of my drawings. Same as most of my drawings, this took about 30 minutes. I'd appreciate all kinds of feedback, positive or negative, as long as it's constructive. I'll be back later with more pony drawings, but for now here's Fluttershy. Stay friendly my ponies. -SteelHooves
  15. Silver Octave

    Luna drawing (+Shading!)

    Hello my fellow Bronies/ Pegasisters, tonight, before I slumber, I will upload a drawing I've done in the last 30 minutes of Luna. You know I always appreciate positive feedback and I thank you all for it. It has some shading in it and tomorrow I'll probably upload the rest of my drawings that have yet to be uploaded, so I'm looking forward to that :] Enjoy the Luna, my friendly ponies. -Steel Hooves