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  1. my darket fear is fear itself
  2. sparkleshine100

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    now I've got 'lady gaga 'applause' stuck in my head
  3. sparkleshine100

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I've got "nicki minaj, hey mama" stuck in my head at the moment.
  4. im back from holiday! i was away in tenerife for a week. there was no interne so that's why i wasn't using the forums. have any of you guys got any plans for the summer?

    1. JonasDarkmane


      Tenerife is fun :3. Although in my opinion, Lanzarote is my favorite Canary island :3.

    2. 碇 シンジン
  5. hmm. fungus usually doesn't scare me but that picture... ugh... that made me shudder. it might of just been the context or the placebo effect.
  6. (reguarding 'rules to the minecraft server' replies were blocked.)

    1. sparkleshine100


      i don't really understand what that was all about. (I do play minecraft and use servers)



      is this the rules to your server? if so I see no ip or anything. is it someone elses? or a private one or something? please explain because im really not sure what the purpose of that post was.


  7. sparkleshine100

    Dash for the win!

    that's really nice what did you use to draw it?
  8. ok jeric i'll be more specific. so when I watch a movie or tv progamme the main goal for me is to entertain myself. which is why a favor comedy over drama. and when I watch mlp it is easy to be entertained by most ponies. i like characters like rarity because they say funny comical things a lot like "these drapes! i have no idea whether they are tacky or not" it is moments like this where my enjoyment of a character is boosted. i can only think of two memorable entertaining fluttershy moments. (the whole "...yay" thing was fun and "you're going to love me!" always cracks me up.) fluttershy
  9. so I've noticed that a lot of people really like fluttershy and find her very cute. am I the only one who just feels incredibly ambivalent towards her. I just find her a bit boring. is there anyone else out there who also just doesn't care about fluttershy? what about you? do you like fluttershy?
  10. wow! nice picture. I love Octavia! and yay! another mad munchkin fan soryy i'm not sure what the song is but it sounds like some sort of pinkie pie remix thingy.
  11. 13 definitely! my life is just so wonderful at the moment and I know it can only get better! I can't wait to see what the future holds!
  12. sparkleshine100

    Music Doing singing requests

    this sounds fun. could you sing 'the fear' by lilly allen for me? I hope it'll be the kind of thing you'll like.
  13. so I was wondering whether anyone else dislikes certain ponies? who is your least favourite pony?
  14. sparkleshine100

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    yeah, im alright... apparently now im karl Pilkington...
  15. well the main thing I look for in a character is that they are fun to watch. somepony like fluttershy or applejack may have more kind caring personalities but they aren't very entertaining for me. more eccentric characters like rarity and pinkie pie I usually end up liking more. they don't even have to be nice people, which is why I like diamond tiara. my first favourite pony was definitely rarity but I do like pinkie as well. and secondary ponies like big mac and diamond tiara.
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