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  1. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Tumblr to ban adult content starting December 17th

    Staff at Derpibooru is leading a mass undertaking of users to help archive art both SFW and NSFW from Tumblr before a lot of it vanishes forever. I'm actually trying to help them out myself. If you are over there, the link to that particular thread is here. It will include instructions on how you can help. https://derpibooru.org/uppers/tumblr-nsfw-upload-thread Just mainly pony related art by the way.
  2. Hello guys. I have not been around here for a while. How are things? :fluttershy:

    1. Sunwalker


      I am doing fine thanks! Nothing much happening with me. Anyways, I missed you :)

    2. Dubwave Nightshadow

      Dubwave Nightshadow

      You missed me? lol. I should come around more often then. I miss interacting with community as much as I use to. But life has been crazy lately so I've not had much time to get over here. :-P

    3. Sunwalker


      That's fine :)

  3. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Letting it go...

    How long has it been since I last even looked at this blog? Lol. Quite a while. Well, let's get to talking again. Something I've personally been struggling with for quite some time. Maybe you have been too? Have you ever felt like you were not good enough? Or just not even good enough for existence? That is a good question by the way? Why are we all here? So many answers that have already been brought up on this subject. Maybe you have been through something in your past. Maybe you've been told things that were negative about you for a long time. Have you maybe even ever hurt someone, like a family member, or a friend? Have you done it multiple times and maybe begin asking why? Maybe I'm just no good. People don't like me. I should shrink away from the world and just run. All I do is hurt people. I don't even like myself. Any of this sound familiar? It does to me. Stop it. Don't make me smack that hoof, hand, paw, whatever it is of yours. Listen. We are all going to screw up, some worse than others. Even things such as not being good at something that we love can trigger these kinds of thoughts. This has happened to me many times with my drawings. If I screwed up I was so quick to take that along with other missteps in my lifetime, as an excuse to place myself in such a low place that I felt there was no way that I could get back up. This is something that is especially dangerous for those who suffer with depression, like me. Listen. Let me just make a point on all this. I don't care what you did. I don't care how many people you may have made dislike you by doing whatever you did to them. I don't care how many mistakes you have made on things you love to do, then compound all this into thinking you must be a bad person and worthless to the world. Do me a favor. Put the world aside. Put everyone else aside, and look at yourself. What do you see? Are you broken, tired, what? As I stated in another entry of mine, you are not today, who you were yesterday. Take care of yourself. Stop worrying about what the world thinks you are. What are you in your eyes? Are you so bad just because of what you messed up in the past? Can you not just become a better person? Maybe you cannot get back the people you chased away back, but you can find new ones. Maybe one day, even if they don't come back, you can still show them you are not as bad as they think you are. Become your true self. Don't lie to others and yourself. You are you now. Let go of what made you so unhappy, and go forth to become greater. Go and be happy. I know this entry is quite a mixed bag, but I hope you can find something of it.
  4. Dubwave Nightshadow

    S07:E08 - Hard to Say Anything

    I like this one a lot and it was really cute. It is nice to see Big Mac finally found love in all that chaos, but what was with the singing part? Jeez! Lol. It made me cringe so bad. I mean it was funny, but still there were times I could not look at the screen or even at least had to look though my hands on my face with one eye to force myself to watch it. Over all though, it was good. Anyone also get a feel of Justin Bieber with Feather Bangs?
  5. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Something a friend of mine made.
  6. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    I hope not. I just saw a couple of the newer episodes and this show as really evolved sense I last saw it. It is wonderful in so many ways,
  7. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Oh wow. I have not watched Steven U in such a long time. I have been so busy. Look at all this new stuff going on. I need to start from the beginning and catch up. O~O
  8. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Rarity Fan Club

    Coin it as a real word. I like it. :3
  9. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Rarity Fan Club

    Just saw the Behind the Boutique short during the new episode. That was actually really cool to be honest. I like how they explain where and how Rarity comes up with her fashion lines. Form really does follow Function. Adding a link. It got posted quick. ^~^
  10. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Visual Art My Final Oc

    He is still a work in progress, but finally coming along. He is not really a deer, but a deer canine hybrid. More will be revealed as he is worked on.
  11. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Entry 9

    I wish ocuurences like this would stop happening, not just to bronies, but anyone gay, lesbian, or whatever. Especially from your own parents.
  12. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    Darkwing Runs a Steven Universe fan club? Awesome. Believe in Steven! XD
  13. This is something that is personal to me, and I believe many others may need to hear this as well, for it is something that can torture and give the worst types of emotional pain to us, both in public, and in secracy as well. Of course I am not asking for your secrets, but more for your ears in understanding. For many of us, the past can be of both joy, and as well, sadness. Some of us, or I would more beleive that all of us have done things in our past that we are not proud of. Some things that even a lot of us may feel so ashamed of or feel so badly about, that we can or do let it affect us now, and may never even tell another soul of. Its natural, but is it a good thing for us to do? Not exactly. I'm not asking for your big bad secret. I don't want to know what you did. If you wish not to tell, then not do so. If you feel you can and it will help, then do so. The choice is yours. But here is what is even more important than that. You must realize that no matter what you've done, it does not make up who you are now. You can be something better, and something more, just as you can be the complete opposite. Ask yourself what and who you want to be. Wish for it, think about how to make it a possibility. Can you do it? Yes you can. How much will it cost? No money. Just determination, and realization. Your past does not define you. You did what you did. Accept it. Learn from it. Forgive yourself. Then change. In which direction? Thats up to you. Which way do you choose to go?
  14. Dubwave Nightshadow

    Just a alright drawing ._.

    Mother and Daughter. Lovely.
  15. Dubwave Nightshadow


    Age: 15-26 Gender: Male Species: Earth Pony Appearance: light aqua blue skin, messy brown hair, and sad pale green eyes Cutie Mark: a red cross highlighted with black and two red hearts at the top corners. helping and caring for living things Personality: is kind to any living creature, no matter what they did, is pretty quiet, and is almost always prepared Backstory: Feeder was born in the poor side of town. Almost everywhere he looked, he saw buildings boarded up. When he was about 4 or 5, he was walking past some houses, when an explosion erupted from a house. When he got to his hooves, he saw the house on fire, and screams were coming from inside. He tried to block out the screams, but didn’t work. Knowing how long it would take the fire team to get there, since nopony was around, he ran in. he ran through the house, looking for the pony that was screaming, a few minutes later, he came across the pony. The pony was stuck underneath a support beam. He ran over, helped the pony out from under the beam and out the door. When they got out, the fire team was there. He handed them the pony, and sat down, out of the way, and breathed in the fresh air. That when he noticed his cutie mark. He decide to help anypony out, no matter who or what, and he's been helping ever since. Feeder is another free commission I did for a friend on the MLP Forums site, and I did it for free as practice. Already I can notice some mistakes I made, but overall he was happy with and, and I am glad of this. The description he gave me to work with is above, and I plan on getting better with time. This was fun though. I am taking random request from whoever ask. All free sense this is just practice for me anyway. I think I went a little over realistic on this. No matter.