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  1. MLS_Brony

    Invisible Alien Reporting

    Hardly annoying! Welcome to the forums and I hope you get to meet a ton of exciting people while you're here. I studied French and German but I also volunteer at the community college helping teach English to people who are having some difficulty. I'm looking forward to getting to know ya!
  2. MLS_Brony

    Salutations future friends

    Welcome to the forums! Well, welcome again to the forums anyway. I love my gym but I'm normally there only three to four times a week due to my work schedule but it's something I love as well. Glad to meet another writer as well; hope you find the forums as rewarding as I do.
  3. MLS_Brony

    Food What's your favorite kind of cheese?

    Pepper jack, but specifically habanero jack.
  4. MLS_Brony

    New here.

    Nice to meet another married brony! Yours makes plushies and mine is creeped out by them. Welcome to the forums and if you wanna make some friends just start talking!
  5. MLS_Brony

    Im New and Ready to make Friends!

    Welcome to the forums! If you're looking to make some friends, you've come to the right place! Feel free to chat away and don't be afraid of jumping in on a topic or ten. Great to meet you!
  6. MLS_Brony

    Music Favorite genre of music?

    I've pretty much been punk all my days. Bands like Screeching Weasel, Pegboy, Rise Against, NOFX, No Use For A Name, and Strung Out to name a few. Also dabble into classic rock a bit as well as electronic/trance.
  7. MLS_Brony

    Hey there! New guy here!

    Hey welcome Pine! I live in the Evergreen State so I'm all too familiar with those trees. I don't really come out in the public as a brony but I do get questioned about the plushies on my writing desk whenever people come over to visit.
  8. MLS_Brony

    Gaming What was the first video game you played?

    Time to date myself here. First game I can remember actually playing was Chopper Command on the Atari 2600. First one that got me addicted to gaming was Blaster Master on the NES.
  9. MLS_Brony

    How often do you use profanities?

    I generally only use it in situations where it's tolerated. Saying that, when I'm at work I tend to use the F-bomb like it's a comma most of the time. :\
  10. MLS_Brony

    News Britain has left the EU, your thoughts?

    Where I'm at it's probably going to be a mixed bag. The news caused stocks to drop and everyone to flood the bond market which is most likely going to cause mortgage rates to plummet. Seeing as I'm in the odd position of actually owning a home it means I can refi at a rate that probably won't be seen again for a while. On the other side of the coin I live in an area right by the Canadian boarder and our economy gains a significant amount of income from Canadians shopping down here. That being said the affect on the Canadian dollar (which is not doing so hot anyway with the price of oil being so low) could cause even more problems. Seeing as the UK was like the 3rd largest contributor to the EU budget, it's going to put a lot of strain on Germany and France to keep things together. Assuming the EU can remain solvent that is without the UK.
  11. MLS_Brony

    Second pony drawing i did

    Solid work! Keep practicing even when you don't like certain aspects about what you're doing and you'll get some serious results. Also, hold onto these even if you shove them away in a corner. In a while you can rediscover them and see how far you've gone.
  12. MLS_Brony

    Do you ever talk to yourself aloud?

    Haha, man I do that too! I thought I was the only one.
  13. I'd still like to see a feature-length problem getting solved. Seems like all the other movies try and resolve things in the same 22 minute time slot as the show. Give me background and give me tension before the resolution.
  14. MLS_Brony

    Do you ever talk to yourself aloud?

    Funny thing is that I just called myself a dumbass a few minutes before reading this. So yeah, I talk to myself all the time. Doesn't make me crazy, right?
  15. MLS_Brony

    Are you a risk taker?

    Man that's a really solid question. I am however I take very calculated risks rather than flying off into something. The ideas that "risk comes with reward" and "nothing ventured, nothing gained" come back to bite you when life whacks you in the head with "I lost all my money betting on the ponies." I've taken lots of gambles in life; some paid off and other's...well let's say they ended really, really badly. This coming from a dude who just got back from Vegas a bit ago and hates gambling with a passion.