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  1. Happy birthday! :fluttershy:


  2. I couldn't say what my worst of all time are, but one that springs to mind is Command and Conquer Red Alert 3. I didn't mind the game so much, had some fun with it (and it kept some of Red Alerts sillyness which was good), but what I really dislike is what direction it took the series as far as mechanics. The original Red Alert is pretty much what got me into gaming properly (instead of just casually playing on my uncles SNES). EA just sucked all that was C&C out of C&C, especially considering it followed the (imo) excellent C&C 3. After RA3, I didn't bother getting C&C 4.
  3. S.F.

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    I'm not saying that I need this in my life...but I wouldn't complain if it was: Also, when I last visited my parents, the day I got there they received a new Lavazza coffee machine (with built in milk frother) - it made some pretty good coffee, I'd say slightly better than my Tassimo (but not enough for me to warrant the price of upgrading imo)
  4. Intel have started to respond properly, looks like building an Intel powered rig is getting cheaper now too http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/intel-cpu-prices-drop-ryzen-launch/ I'm looking forward to their Vega pricing now, I doubt it will undercut Nvidia as much as they have Intel, but it would be nice if they also brought the GTX prices down
  5. lol, I was wondering 'why would this need to be a thing' XD
  6. A bluetooth CPU? As in a CPU that connects via bluetooth or a CPU with bluetooth integrated?
  7. Those 1700x/1800x processors look like insane value for money to me, but with them being the more enthusiast processors, I doubt they will hurt Intel the most. If what you suspect is true, I'd imagine they will make Intel sweat the most. I think we have already seen Intel start to respond to Ryzen, as I'm sure I read that they are releasing an i5 with hyperthreading. But either way, I'm hoping it will force Intel to price their processors more competitively as it looks like they've been enjoying a rather large profit margin (assuming their r&d costs are similar to AMDs)
  8. Watching the Halo WC on Twitch, and the comments in the chat are probably the most entertaining part of it XD

  9. That's cool, it's always good to listen to all types of music (imo) - but can't say I've listened to much in the way of black veil brides or falling in reverse, will have to check them out! (any song recommendations?) I'm much like you, I listen to all kinds, most recently have been listening to Gojira (have tickets to see them live next month ), Fall Out Boy, Halsey and Madeon.
  10. Hello and welcome You like music? What sort of music are you into and which are your favourite artists? Any way - I hope you enjoy your time here with us all!
  11. He had good things to say about their demo system that he used (the 4K Doom one) - so hopefully that was a representative example of what the final products will be like.
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    Celestia Fan Club

    Letters are delicious Also:
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