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  1. Hey guys sorry for not posting my room is being redone and my computrr ient set up. I will try posting soon!
  2. Just saying in regards to my OC that she is the type of pony whom likes to sit outside the circle and watch what everypony is doing to care construct her next move. She is also considered to be the next rising swordsmen of her generation and her intelligence is at genius levels which allow her to strategise. She only gets involved in matters due to loyalty or exetreme interest but id also trying to hide her mercenary status. So she will help if asked to do something interesting and as long as it is not creative as she hates things without logical answers
  3. Midnight looked at the pony with the slits of her pupils for a few momentsand walked away mentally grinning as she started mentally writing a letter to her mercenary co worker asking for her beautifully crafted sword with its enchantments to be instantly with a fine black scabbard in which to carry it.
  4. Midnight sits down at the bottom of the changeling table and watches the students flock into the room and sees a snake aswell as a chanheling and then pulls out a very old leatherbound book and started scribbiling some ideas down. After putting the book in a hidden pocket in her top hat she decides to head over to one of the teachers who she belived to be named Shadow and asks in a monotone voice "Sir, I was wondering if I could bring a sword, which I consider very important to me, around the school. I am a very cautious person and with some creatures I have spotted I wish to carry one. It als
  5. Midnight watched the sunrise from the roof and pulls out a potion to make sure she stays awake during the day. She thought to herself that one of the disadvantages of having the blood of a nocturnal creature within her forces her to stay awake for most hours. After the potion kicks in she goes down stairs and puts her robes on and then goes to the dining room to have her breakfast.
  6. Ok guys calm down. Remember we are opposed to be tolerant
  7. Midnight walks out of the dining hall and walks around the school to find her dormitory to see a room full of beds with curtains put up. Midnight looked around to that no one had turned up and she then sees her bag in the pile and then pulls what seems the nicest bed and starts unpacking her bags being careful to put her more fragile things away and then notices her top hat and instantly put it on. Midnight decides to open the roof and navigation using her bat eyes makes her way to the highest point and watches the moon
  8. I have noticed that when I create my characters I create characters who do bad things or work towards bad goals but with no apparent reasoning. I may be a bit insane but I want to know who else does this
  9. Midnight stood up from her chair and walked down the hall with her hooves clacking through the hall and making sure to watch all possible threats and then got to the shoe in front her and put her hoof inside it to wait a few moments until green and black smoke enveloped her and she smiled and thought "it goes well with my eyes. I wonder who else is in the changeling house?."
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