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  1. Welcome to the fourms, @cooldudecam00!
  2. Hi, @xanman12345678 - welcome to the forums!
  3. Hi, @Windchime - welcome to the forums!
  4. Currently in a relationship! He's a complete noot but soft at heart so I can't complain. Both share similar traits too! I get hyped, he follows on, etc
  5. Regular smoker here. Mostly smoke roll ups and what not - Amber Leaf or Gold Leaf.
  6. Mega Thread

    Out the way lads and lasses, I'm the winner.
  7. (removed)
  8. I use it for my portable speaker. I actually used it yesterday to transfer a file from PC to Phone.
  9. Straight? incorrect tho - sorry :c
  10. Bi
  11. Hello @typeloser, welcome to the forums!
  12. Hi, @General Solar Magus! Welcome to the forums.
  13. Hello, @spoopy_gander! Since this thread is more aimed as a blog entry or status update, I'm going to lock it. When creating a thread, make sure that the content is able to produce an on-going discussion within the community. Anything regarding yourself or an insight to your activities or day-to-day life are, again, suitable as a status update or blog entry. Thank you.