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  1. *Puts whipped cream on your mane* :3

    1. VengefulStrudel


      Oi! Don't mess my hair up! >:T

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      You are such a deliciousssssss pastry. *noms* :3

  2. Finally caught up and watched Season 7 & the new EQG specials, loved 'em! Really looking forward to the rest of the season and the new movies. :D

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    2. VengefulStrudel


      Nice! Aladdin is one of my favorites, have fun~ (Then again, most Disney movies are, hehe)

      I watched 'em on DailyMotion, though YouTube's a good alternative too.

      PS: Sorry for the late reply! :rarity:

    3. Snow


      Good sir, such a time frame is not a problem for me at all, this is simply me being lazy but may I ask what the titles of the (3?) shorts are?

      Also I thoroughly enjoyed Aladdin, it has been far too long since I had seen it last. ^_^ Treasure planet would have to be my favourite Disney movie though.

    4. VengefulStrudel


      Dance Magic, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic. I recommend watching them in that order, or at least leave Mirror Magic for last. ;)

      Treasure Planet? Now that's bringing back some nostalgia. <3 Loved all the characters in that one, especially the explosives guy, whose name I maaaay have forgotten. :P

  3. *Looks at you and tries to hypnotize you* Trussssssst in me. :3

    1. VengefulStrudel


      A wild snek appears! *boops* I booped the snek.

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      *Is booped* You are supposed to be hypnotized. So rood pastery. DX

  4. Since the thread is nearly 5 years old, it's highly unlikely deathbycake is still looking for advice on the matter. Remember to keep an eye on the date when bumping such threads, thanks. Locking.
  5. It's so hot right now in Greece, that you can fry an egg by leaving it out in the sun. :blink:


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    2. Vulcan


      Carrying a magnifying glass must be like walking around with a Death Beam O_O 

    3. VengefulStrudel


      @Snow I thought Australia was hotter than Greece, even in wintertime? :muffins:

      @Coffee Accurate representation of carriny a magnifying glass:


    4. Snow


      @VengefulStrudel Oh I wish, of a morning there is usually frost and some days even ice buildup where I live. what I wouldn't give for at least one more 23-25 degree day, 30-40 is the best for water activities though.

  6. This is a No-Strudel Territory!

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      I will hypno and eat pastery. Hiss Hiss

    2. VengefulStrudel


      What? Unfair! Revolt my fellow strudels, don't stand up for this oppression!

      *don't stand for this oppression
      Derp :'D

    3. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic


  7. How dare You ban spammie

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    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      *grump snek*

    3. Wingnut


      Hey, some of us were very interested in the University of Western Ontario. 

    4. Sir Hugoholic

      Sir Hugoholic

      The staff here ALWAYS was selfish! :< 

  8. I don't want my account anymore. Can I have it banned or removed?

  9. Hey @BronyHekapooFan, the Feedback section is for providing your feedback on the forums, rather than the show itself. Moving your thread over to Show Discussion.
  10. Eeyup, there is a way to disable status notifications. Click on your name on the top right, then choose "Account Settings". On the right side of the menu, you'll see "Notification Settings" under "Other Settings", click on that. Scroll down a bit and you'll find the Notifications List, disable notifications for "Someone I follow posts a new status", and you won't be notified when someone posts a status anymore.
  11. Hey @woodchunks66, welcome to the forums! Hope you're having a good time so far~ Unfortunately, since this thread doesn't have a subject, it'll have to be locked down. You can check the General Chat Thread if you want to have random discussions, or post a status update. Have a nice day, enjoy your stay on the forums!
  12. Hey @Lenny, the Site Questions & Tech Support forum is intended for technical assistance regarding forum matters. As such, your thread will be moved over to the Media Discussion forum. Have a good day
  13. Haha, that gave me a laugh, clever idea for a vid. Nicely edited as well, good work!
  14. *sneaks in, boops snoot, sneaks away*