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  1. VengefulStrudel

    Ask Lightwing

    1) What's your favorite dumbest moment of all time? Whether in real life or the dumb stuff you love to do in games, whichever you prefer. 2) Can I have Romania?
  2. VengefulStrudel

    Comment and I will...

    Wut Also, one day you'll see SS:XBox in action, one day.
  3. VengefulStrudel

    Comment and I will...

    Stormbolt, or Stormy for short Also come to Greece, we'll eat all the gyros and relax under the warm sun, doing nothing all day. I can only make pasta & french fries, so...sure, why not?
  4. VengefulStrudel

    Comment and I will...

    Oooh, this is where Lighty stole it from I'm just passing by to give a boop, don't mind me. *boop*
  5. VengefulStrudel

    Comment and I will...

    *tempted to steal this as well* Wait, why am I commenting when I could just bother you on Discord?~
  6. VengefulStrudel

    Rikifive's Gift To Our Donors

    Squeeee, so cute!~ Thanks Riki, really appreciate it! <3 Thank you for the bonus sig as well! Have a boop~ *boop*
  7. VengefulStrudel

    Strudel's Corner

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're all having a great time with your loved ones The lil' kiddos are confused about why mom's kissing Santa - I mean, what would dad think about that?
  8. VengefulStrudel

    We upgraded the forums! And broke things!

    And here I thought my browser exploded. Any major changes, other than improved security? Also, I like the new (or rather, old) theme and the new brohooves. I think it would be neat if we kept the new reaction system, but tweaked it with ponified options.
  9. VengefulStrudel

    Ilona's Artwork

    Awesome stuff, I love the vivid colors you use, cool backgrounds too~ I also checked out your dA gallery, lots of cool stuff there too. Keep up the great work! If I could make a suggestion, perhaps link to your dA on your profile or in this thread? Had to google search one of your pics to find it. Also, welcome to the forums!
  10. VengefulStrudel

    Forum Member Birthday Game!

    *reads list* Boops for the entire year?! *now wishes birthday was in April* Also 'ey there @WWolf, guess we're getting married.
  11. VengefulStrudel

    Hey, Hi, Hello!

    'ello there, welcome back to the forums! Hope to see ya around~ Since you're interested in languages, what languages do you know, if I may ask?
  12. VengefulStrudel

    How many browser tabs do you (usually) have open?

    I typically keep less than 8-10 tabs open, usually just 4-5. I used to keep 30-40 open in the past, but then I turned the "Reload old tabs on launch" option off and got rid of that habit.
  13. VengefulStrudel

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    X @PiratePony - Totally not because of the avatar Am I part of the cool kids club, @Snow?
  14. VengefulStrudel

    Amerophobic immigrants

    Are there really that many immigrants with anti-USA views moving there? I have not heard of them, and neither have I ever heard my American friends complain about such people. To me, the ones that do seem to be a tiny, tiny minority. If anything, I've heard much more about American citizens who have anti-USA views, especially in recent times. Anyway, even if anti-USA immigrants do end up moving there, it most likely has nothing to do with comfort, but opportunity. The United States is pretty much the place to go if you want better chances at finding a job and getting a better pay. A low-paying job in the USA could pay more than a decent-paying job in their native country. Take mine for example (even though most of us here have a positive view of the US), many Greeks move there and to Canada, then send money back home to help support their families. Also, perhaps the USA has access to other amenities that their native country does not, or they consider it a safer place to live in.
  15. VengefulStrudel

    General Appreciate a fellow pony!

    Oh boy, I could write entire essays but I'll try to keep it short(ish)! I never anticipated that coming to these forums here would amount to anything more than maybe 2-3 months of entertainment, and boy am I glad to be wrong. Met so many cool individuals here, forged quite a lot of bonds, have grown as a person, and just had (and am having!) an all-around great time. And like many others have said already, thank you @Sweetcake for starting this thread! Great idea for a topic~ Now, with that wall of text done, I go back to lurking. *boops everyone and vanishes*