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  1. It may not look the way you want but it still looks great!
  2. I'm sorry i keep dissapearing but i'm in a new college semester that started this week and i had my tech visit. Unfortunately my printer is dead and unfixable along with my computer being on it's last days and may go at any time so i can't do any art for anyone i'm afraid. i'm really really sorry :( I have no clue on when i will get a new computer ans printer/scanner

  3. Sorry i haven't been on everyone but i have hit a technical and emotional snag in my art work due to my scanner not working properly right now. I will be getting my printer looked at next friday and will try to finish everything but my next semester starts soon

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      plus I have a bottle of cidre

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      碇 シンジン

      *hugs =)=)=)=)=)<3 How are you today <3 =)?

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      Seamore Sandwich

      Shadtrax.S doesn't just move furniture, Shadtrax.S moves entire rooms and can hover, the power of telekinesis.

  4. I never watched the original mlp generations since i was more into DBZ, Yugioh, Pokemon, etc. The fact that men are liking it use to be uncomfertable for me due to me thinking it was popular but didn't know to much about the actual fandom outside of liking the show. Now it dosn't bother me much at all that men like it since i have nothing agaonst men liking girlie things. Stay pony my friends!
  5. I am unable to go at all due to it being in Baltimore, expenses, and nobody to stay with. Whomever did go i hope they had fun
  6. I do too There just so cute considering they both are mischeif lovers. I have never watched Doctor Who so i don't have to much of an imput besides them being an extreamly adorable couple of friends. (Besodes i ship him with twilight ) Thats a good reason to like this and theres nothing wrong with it. It does have potential i suppose since they would have the most patience with eachothers fits. Sweetiebloom is very cute. It falls under the younger siblings of their older siblings type of pair which is always cute. Appledash and sunlight are very cute ships. Flutterpie is an intresting one i haven't put to much thought into but again very unique and well balanced due the the personality contrast. Not a fan but it has some cute fan art and i support your choice in shipping. You enjoy my favorite and underappreaciated ship!! I swear nobody pays attentiob to it during rainbow falls at all! Also for another cute thing for them is that Bulk works at the spa fluttershy goes to all the time when hanging with rarity! Thats a cute one too. It balances perfectly since if fluttershy can put up with rainbows antics she will have no problem when it comes to twilights break downs. Nothing wrong with shipping just mares considering the leading cast are all female while males have a very minor role in everything. I am suprised this is the first time rarijack has come up compared to just sweetiebloom. I thought it was a popular mare shipp between the main 6. Lol as for Cheerilee yeaah she does need to back off of big mac. Very good reasoning with fluttercord. I am not a fan of it but i have nothing against those who do since it does have cute moments and a bit of sence character wise. Omg i never thought about Trenderjack! That completely works due to him being a stong stallion who does enjoy the rodio along with that cute talented mare so theres common ground. It would be a nice change since i think she can lift his spirits and be happier because come on AJ is just so sweet and generous. (Plus it would be funny to see big mac have a build complex due to being built so much smaller than trenderhoof.) Omg Twiluna is just yes. Twilight understands our beloved princess of the night and is actually up at late hours of the night so that would be very believable. The rariflutterpie is intresting anf i can actually see that bwing a thing considering that they all get along the best out of the 6 together. Appleseed is out there but it's seeable. I only ship fluttershy with bulk honestly bit have nothing against fluttercord. As for the CMC shipping i know there children but i'm thinking of when there older and due to the fact that they aren't old enough to be doing anything more than a simple crush which is very innocent and exceptable for children. Lyrabon is cute! The show trying to have them be just friends is kinda annoying due to how many times emphasis on being best friens is used. Cheerlimac is cute due to how nonchalont they are together. Not a favorite of mine but i have nothing against it. This is a cute pairing. I hope the show does finally drop the strong implications of them being just best friends due to it being unnecisary.
  7. Rarishy is cute and it could happen since they do spend the most time together and have a stronger friendship. Agreed on this fact about the ship. I'm not into Fluttercord I may not like the ship at all but i have nothing against your preference of it being your favorite. We all have diffrent opinions.
  8. I would be a mix of Twilight and Fluttershy.
  9. I'm an aquarius100% few facts are not true about me at least.
  10. If you really want to write one i can't stress the word originality and detail on how they assended to alicorn status or if they where already one. Also you have to come up with what they reign over and how they go about it. I'm not saying don't do it but if you are going to use any of the abilities the 4 already standing alicorns already have try to make them as little as possible or change it up a bit. Don't over power them in a DBZ fashion since thats Twilights job but also don't make them a mary sue either like Cadance can be at times. Try as hard as possible to stay away from the character being connected to the main pony cast like the main 6, not saying they can't be friends but it has to be a believable one thats more an aquaintance style. There cutie mark is also important since again can't be a copy of the other alicorn princesses cutie marks, similar like mine in my profile picture since it's like Twilights but changed around a bit. The personality and intrests are all up to you along with the style which should not just be a recolor of the other princesses. I hope this helps and good luck.
  11. I like yours! You made it sound like it wod be much worse buts it's really good.
  12. I do not have any. I think that the one i was going to have my friend help me with. I don't have one at the moment. I think thats the one i was going to ask my friend to help me get.
  13. Your welcome! I'm still lost on the video making process. I have a mic but don't know how to cut and paste video and sounds from various things.
  14. Thank you so much! Hopefully you and i can start making videos soon Is that your Ponysona as your profile picture? It looks awesome!