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    My children, which is always a good thing for a father to have an interest in!

    Discordianism, because five tons of flax. Ask at own risk.

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    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. The body may be weary, but our souls should never rest.

    NEVER let my heart be at ease, for comfort breeds stagnation.

    Challenge me, Life, to keep moving forward.

    Even when I reach the top of the mountain...

    I endeavor to yearn for the stars.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      One of these days I’m going to climb that mountain.

      Walk up there among them stars

      When the cotton’s high and the corn’s growing

      And there ain’t no fields to plow.

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day, Crescent!  }:)

  3. Deuce wasn't used to such a compliment; he stared for a moment, then shyly shrugged. "Yeah, well, y'know... not having a social life leaves a lot of time to dig into the books. Besides, I just apply myself, is all... not that hard, once you get used to it." He was being modest; he had one of the highest GPAs in his class, and might make Valedictorian... if he wasn't so afraid of having to speak in front of everyone on Graduation Day, that was. "Look, the class bell rings soon, so we can catch up later - just watch out for those columns, numbskull," he added, but this time he meant the nickname as a kindly thing; no scorn in his voice when he said it. Is... i-is THIS how you make friends?
  4. Was... d-did she just wink at me? For some reason he couldn't identify, his spine did a little wibbly-wobbly thing when she did that; he knew nothing of what crushes were, so he just chalked it up to 'growing pains', as his father called stuff like that, and smiled back. Deuce gave a skeptical look. "Yeah, well... as long as you're around, I guess. Still, it's hard to trust someone who was about to carve their name into you." He shuddered slightly at that; bad enough that he'd had to deal with bruises and scrapes, and even a broken arm once, but he'd NEVER had a blade pulled on him before. He wanted to believe Emerald... but the life he'd had until now had been FULL of disappointments; he'd wait and see what would happen when he saw Rebel next. Wow, she... actually gave a fig about what happens to me? He was still wary about trusting friendship - but that statement brought him a little closer to it. Deuce chuckled. "Hey, it's okay - not everyone understands math so well - don't feel bad. Look," he mused, "try doing something as a mnemonic reminder; maybe put each table to some sort of music? Perhaps that might make it easier on you. After all, nobody said you COULDN'T sing them, right?"
  5. Low fidelity aside, this version of I'll Follow the Sun is actually pretty interesting. The rockabilly shuffle gives it a very Elvis/Carl Perkins vibe, I love it.


    1. Randimaxis


      Always nifty to hear unedited stuff from bands well known in their futures.  My thanks for sharing this gem!

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Maybe if me, you, and Emmy do end up collabing, we could try this one out!

  6. Interestingly enough, I've been waiting for Rebel to let slip her musical tastes; might be an inroad between the two. *grins knowingly* Weird... ain't you kyoot? }:)
  7. He closed his eyes and shook his head at her collision with the column, but seeing she wasn't hurt, he just chuckled instead. "Those things just jump out of nowhere, don't they?" he joked. "Hey, yesterday, you... stuff was going on. I was kinda worried about you, but I'm glad you're okay." He then gave a slight wry grin. "But for future reference, it's probably not a good idea to leave me alone with someone like Rebel; if I hadn't taken off, she might've skinned me alive, y'know? Still," he pushed his glasses back up onto his face, "thanks for being concerned. And... yeah, regardless of how she was to me, I'm glad Rebel's okay too." He shrugged. "Just because someone's mean to me, it doesn't mean I wanna see 'em dead or anything. I mean, you two seem to get along okay, and... well, even though she hates my guts, I wouldn't want you to be upset if anything happened to her. I mean, you two are friends... r-right?" Even with everything going on, and the past he'd made so far with this numbskull... he really didn't think she was his friend. However, he also realized she wasn't his enemy, either... and maybe, who knew, she might think of him as a true friend in due time. But after years of being an outcast, Deuce was still hesitant to put his faith into friendship - not without more time to figure out what it meant to him. And Rebel? Well, if Emerald could keep the greaseball from beating the bejeezus out of him, that was another point in her corner. Of course, he still couldn't understand Rebel much... and he STILL had that comment she'd made about him floating around in his head... Why was high school so difficult!? "So, you look up those fraction tables like I texted you? They're on the same page as the geometric figures, and they might help with some of your calculations."
  8. It had been the arm of his glasses that'd come off in the night that had kept him from getting to school on time; the sorry thing had been under the bed the whole time, but he'd searched everywhere else first, it had seemed. More duct tape, then off to whatever new pain the school would throw at him next. He'd managed to skirt most of the local bullies, and had made his way around to the side of the school with the most witnesses. From there, he could easily get insi- Was that..? He peeked around the corner, and saw what looked like Emerald and Rebel... hugging? Wait - the bully HUGGED someone? What in the world..? He gave an internal chuckle. Maybe that boot in the butt I gave her yesterday jogged her memory, and she recalled that she was human, hunh? Love... Deuce had only known that emotion from his parents, and one of them was gone. He'd never really had much activity in that particular circle, and with his experiences with folks like Rebel Rouser, he didn't really have much interest in it. One less thing to worry about, he used to think. Now, though... seeing the two like that, and hearing them tell each other those words (he was fairly certain it wasn't, like, smoochy-love)... Deuce felt something inside him scratching at the door to his heart, whimpering to be let in. Would he answer that door? Only time would tell... but he felt like he was missing something, and if- No, not stupid... just psychotic, crazy, and a bonafide lunatic, THAT'S all! I mean, what kind of girl carries around a switchblade at school? The kind of girl you can't trust to NOT stab you when she's supposed to be 'protecting' you, that's what kind! Numbskull, how could you have handed me off to her for protection? Didn't you see what she was gonna do to me the other day? I mean, you might be oblivious, but I didn't think you were THAT- Wait... she said something else, didn't she? Something about... magic? Deuce had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he'd missed a KEY piece of information; too bad, that. THAT, he'd heard... and a chill raced down his spine. I can't let them know... I can't let ANYONE know; it's MY secret, and I have to protect it if I want to keep doing my duty. I have to keep others safe... He mentally sighed. Even psychos like Rebel, he thought with a weary resignation. Slowly, he made his way back towards the side doors; he wasn't about to try to come between two friends who were having a moment. Not that I'd mind being between them for a hug, he pondered; heck, Rebel might be a mean sonuvagun... but she was kinda cute, like Numbskull is... DEUCE! He caught himself mentally. WHOA, there! Don't even THINK you have anything they'd want! Snap out of it, man! With confusion on the brain, he headed inside, not certain whether he was getting sick or not.
  9. And THAT makes three; I'm calling it. Post whenever you're ready, @Loud Opinion - we're ready for ya. *clears throat* @cwhip9, you gonna post, or do we catch up with you next go-round?
  10. I was kinda trying to give Rebel and Emmy a chance to chat before Deuce showed up.
  11. I, too, am one of those kinds who looks at his keyboard while typing... in fact, I've gotten good enough at it that I even know when I've mistyped, and will go back and correct it without even looking up. (Though I still try to look over all my posts before I hit Enter.)
  12. Your theme song:


    1. Woohoo


      Why does everyone keep posting this song?! :Cozy:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Woohoo Yeah! Your "Woohoo" is a Simpsons reference. :ooh: