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  1. J. Brony

    Pony Town

    EDIT: nevermind
  2. J. Brony

    Pony Town

    Thanks for the tip but I've left more than one Skype group due to raunchiness. That's why I usually play on the safe server in Pony Town. Guess I'm just getting prudish.
  3. J. Brony

    Pony Town

    Just wondering if anyone else here has an account on Pony Town. I've started hanging out recently but haven't really met anyone yet. My user name on the site is the same one I use on here so if you see me around, chat me up. https://pony.town/
  4. The servers are stable now and, out of morbid curiosity, I registered an account. Seems like a lot of Undertale and/or Homestuck fans hanging out and RPing most of the time so I never hang around for more than a minute or two. Has anyone else from the forum given Ponytown a try yet? @@Time Shield is the only person I have recognized so far. I pop up randomly once or twice a week using the same username I have on this site. If anyone happens to see me, feel free to say hello.
  5. I agree that seeing his broken horn being thrown into the air after his defeat probably alludes to the fact that Sombra "could" still be alive but I doubt we'll be seeing him again in the future.
  6. Same here. In the Crystal Empire episodes we saw both Twilight and Celestia casting the same dark magic as King Sombra. I would imagine it could just as easily corrupt them if they continued to use it.
  7. I doubt we'll get more than veiled implications regarding the fates of Applejack's parents. But I'd really like to see what they looked like, maybe a flashback or even just a picture of them in one of Granny Smith's photo albums. They deserve that much at least.
  8. MLP will never be as widespread as Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who but it will never truly die out either. We've made our mark in present-day culture and, although its not as grand as those made by media juggernauts, I think it's something we can be proud to have been a part of.
  9. Judging from what we've seen from Twilight and Doctor Whooves, I'd say that advanced technology and science exists in Equestria but it isn't as prevalent or widespread as magic is.
  10. I agree that, as a villain, Starlight was amazing. I really like her manipulative style and crafty way of doing things. I think she would have been better served remaining a recurring nemesis for Twilight. But, as a sucker for happy endings, I can't complain with the way things turned out. Starlight Glimmer deserves to be happy more than MLP needs another villain so I'm satisfied with her reformation.
  11. A lot happened to Starlight in the time between the premier and the finale. She saw her dream shattered and lost all of her friends, she was alone and consumed by her hatred for Twilight and ultimately I think that hatred was what kept her going. Starlight had lost everything and needed something to focus on and prop her up. Her revenge against Twilight filled that void. But when she'd finally achieved her victory, I think that Starlight realized that the void in her heart wasn't filled. Making Twilight as miserable as she'd become was an empty win. It didn't make her happy or bring h
  12. Well, first I would introduce myself as the Emperor of the Earth and then boop her nose. Twilight probably wouldn't appreciate being booped so I'd act offended and accuse her of besmirching my people's traditional greeting and insulting us. Then, when she tried to apologize, I'd threaten to declare war unless she allowed me to negotiate with her superiors. Then I'd follow her back to Equestria and meet Princess Celestia. Then I'd boop her nose too.
  13. For good or for ill, the background characters have years of fanmade content to prop them up whereas Flash does not.
  14. J. Brony

    Friendship Games Where is Sunset Shimmer's alternate human?

    Here's a fun possibility: Since Sunset Shimmer (the pony) has become central to the EQG series, what if the human version of her accidentally gets pulled into Equestria and joined the Mane 6 as a semi-permanent member of the cast. Having a clueless human-turned-pony version of SS around sounds like an interesting development and a potential comedy goldmine.
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