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  1. Delete this account mods

  2. Squalls gunblade is 1000x better than Clouds buster sword.

  3. Still haven't watched the latest episode yet. What am I like *tut*

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    2. APegLegPirate


      Wasn't that great.

    3. UltimaIX


      I know I shouldn't say this but I can't stand Pinkie Pie!

    4. APegLegPirate


      Say it proud and loud. I share the feel.

  4. Awesome villains don't reform. Take Kefka for example! She can be an all out psycho that wants her own way (being equality). A unique premise for MLP since the show started. She needs to put up a fight next time, show them what a bad guy really can do. Be an actual danger instead of just getting instantly rainbow tasted or frindshipped. Oh this IS exciting, I can't wait But hasbro probably won't allow such shear epicness knowing them, and will probably tell Larson or McCarthy to neuter what ever he/she comes up with
  5. I hope not as she is the first pony to tell Twilight to shut up during a lecture on friendship. That's some serious villainy and that's why Starlight glimmer is my favourite MLP villain (along with Chrysalis for that matter). Let's hope she doesn't fall like most of the others and actually becomes a threatening antagonist. Oh and I think she might come back at the end of season 5 as that 2nd episode looked like a cliff hanger to me. Oh she'll be back sometime in the future alright, just you wait and see!
  6. C'mon! We've had Gilda return, and that Steven dragon thing from Season 1 along with fancy pants and even a changeling. Do you think that trixie will return once again? I hope she does to make amends for last times mishaps now that she's redeemed. Maybe everyone in Ponyville will accept her. One can hope...
  7. Just beat Bravely Default! Man what a magnificent game that was.

  8. My first time being a brony, I was recommended to check out a forums and this one was a top search so here I am. Judging by my name I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan; ultima being the best spell, and FF9 being my favourite in the series (along with VI of course). I spend most my time playing these games and watching movies (my favourite is Die Hard 2) The best pony for me is Starlight Glimmer from MLP season 5. Anyway, I hope to see you around the forums and sorry if my grammar blows (can't help it)! Sorry if this was short, don't want to flaunt myself on this site like an egotist!