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  1. BNA. Perhaps not as good as Beastars but thoroughly enjoyable in its own right and I'm certainly all-in for season two, assuming there will be one.
  2. Alien life certainly exist somewhere in the universe, the sheer mathematical improbability of this one planet alone carrying life makes it hard to argue against. The chances of that life being as technologically advanced (or more) then here is going to diminish somewhat the higher up the tech tree you go. I'm not what the odds are of a civilisation advanced enough to have developed faster-than-light travel is, and whether or not any alien civilisation has visited Earth is very much up for debate. Paranormal creatures, ghosts, demons etc. I couldn't dismiss the possibility of entirely, however, I remain very sceptical and I've never heard any account of such things that inclines me towards believing in them. The human mind is a very strange thing which has a multitude of ways of tricking you into thinking that you have perceived something that wasn't actually there. As for cryptids, some are undoubtedly sheer fantasy, some are the result of tall tales which grow with each telling, and the rest? Well, no creature was known to exist until it was known to exist, and new species are discovered all the time. Maybe one day I'll find out that fairies are real, and my world will be forever changed.
  3. There's only a very few (mostly online) vendors in the UK that stock items like these, and they only get them in limited quantities, at this stage if I want the Twilight one I'm going to have to turn to eBay and hope the secondary market prices aren't too ridiculous.
  4. I would say exactly the same about your sexuality. Call it whatever you like, nobody owns the phrase.
  5. Concerned indeed. So concerned I ended up following. =3=

  6. This delectable filly for sure. Nopony adds as much charm to the background as Cloudchaser.
  7. I have the Rainbow Dash one on pre-order, I'd like the Twilight one as well if I can get a hold of one, they don't stick around on the shelves long. Of course if a Luna one comes out, that will be an instant buy without a doubt.
  8. I would have liked some higher-end action figures, something like Figma, SH Figuarts or even Hot Toys. Figurines would have been good as well, I would have loved an intricately carved Prime 1 Studio (or similar) Luna. Realistically though I guess maybe the adult fanbase isn't large enough for companies like that to justify pursuing a licence.
  9. A new t-shirt. Not that I really needed another one but sometimes you just gotta.
  10. I was doing that thing again where I wander around HMV looking for a CD from a band I've never heard of before in order to expand my musical horizons, and in the metal section I found this one, You may not be able to make it out clearly from the picture, but the band is called 'Cult of Luna'... and the decision was immediately made.
  11. Banned for dismissing the entire Tanabus incident.
  12. We already had UK PonycOnline last month since the regular annual PonyCon had to be cancelled this year. It obviously didn't quite match up to the actual event but it was good that they were able to put something together at fairly short notice.
  13. What do I like most about Rainbow Dash? So many choices, and such riches aplenty. Rainbow Dash more than any other character got me into MLP in the first place. Back in the days when entire FiM episodes were available on youtube (circa 2012-13 or so) we used to put them on for my young daughter, and every time I searched for them for her I kept coming across the same video (linked below) titled "My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash - You're Gonna Go Far Kid [Explicit]" (I wasn't really familiar with The Offspring at this point and hadn't heard the song). I found this very curious, I had no idea that the Brony fandom existed at this point, and I couldn't figure out why a MLP video would have a warning for explicit lyrics. I didn't click on the video at the time because my daughter was there, and you know... explicit lyrics. Anyway, fast forward to the summer of 2013, and I'm in Afghanistan of all places, I find myself alone in an internet cabin one evening with no pressing need to be anywhere else and I have a sudden inclination to finally watch this video and find out what it's all about. She is an endearing character and I was pretty much immediately captivated, she is such a bold and colourful design, and equally bold and colourful in personality. I pretty much discovered the fandom in the comment section of that video and the recommendations in the side bar (Incidentally, this was around about the time I started listening to The Offspring as well). On my return home I started looking for any fan forums to try and find out a bit more, and the first place I stumbled on was a site called BronySquare. If the video was the window through which I first saw the fandom, then Bronysquare was the door through which I entered it. There came a time when we having a bit of a clear-out of the house, and my ex had decided that some of my daughters MLP toys (these were the little blind-bag style figures) had passed their time and were going to be thrown out, one of the figures on the chopping block was Rainbow Dash. I felt it was a bit of a loss for her to end up in a landfill somewhere so I rescued her and in the act of doing so acquired the first item of MLP merchandise I would ever own. The second being one of the larger Funko Vinyl figures, also Rainbow Dash. A little further down the line my ex and I split up, and even though it was a relief by that point I was nevertheless a bit down and really needed something positive in my life, and the Brony fandom certainly provided that for me and helped to buoy my spirits at a time when I needed it. In summary, Rainbow Dash may not be my favourite character from the series, but she will always have a very special place in my heart because she, more than any other character, opened the way for me to experience this fandom and all of the people, music, art, conventions and everything else contained therein. Fun fact - in relation to The Offspring's original song, the version used in this video is about 20% faster. I'm not even kidding.
  14. The fact that Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time proves pretty conclusively that people care more about good gameplay than they do about graphics. Of course, if you can have both then so much the better.
  15. Twilight wearing a saddle in 'Winter Wrap-Up'.