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  1. Concerned Bystander

    General Opinions on Oujia boards?

    I'm sure they're a fun way to spend a bit of time with like-minded company much like any other board game. Do I think they are somehow capable of contacting spirits or other metaphysical beings? No, not really. I'm not a vehement denier of the existence of such things but I tend to take any claims of contact with such with a liberal helping of salt.
  2. Concerned Bystander

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    I haven't played in a while, I move around a lot with work and currently there isn't anyone around that plays so my decks are just gathering dust. Never really been a format player as such, just play casually although I suppose most of my decks would be legacy legal and a few would be modern. I don't have a particular favourite colour, I play a little of everything and have a pretty wide variety of decks of every major kind. I generally find combo decks are the most fun to play, nothing is quite as satisfying as pulling out an insanely ridiculous combo like having a couple of Mirror-Sigil Sergeants, a couple of Paradox Hazes and a Tobita, Master of Winds on the table.
  3. Concerned Bystander

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Last one I watched was Battle Angel Alita, although that was only a two part OVA. I could take it or leave it to be honest, the new film and the Manga are both better in their own ways. The last full series I watched was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which I would strongly recommend to anyone. The titular character, on paper at least, should be completely unlikable but somehow manages to confound that expectation and comes across at utterly adorable.
  4. Concerned Bystander

    The recent purchases thread

    The latest addition to my altar of geekdom. And also this poster, which Odeon cinemas were giving away with tickets to the film.
  5. Concerned Bystander

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Alita Battle angel (for the second time). I was hyped for this film ever since I first saw the trailer at the cinema (I forget what I was there to watch to but I think it might have been Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom). It is the first time in ages that I had been genuinely excited to see a film at the cinema and it didn't disappoint. The first time I went to see it I drove for an hour and a half, passing at least two cinemas on the way, so that I could see it at the imax, and it was awesome. The visual effects were fantastic with a score to match, the story was engaging, but at the heart of it all was Alita herself and I don't mind saying I fell in love with her during the film. She may be CGI but Rosa Salazar brought her to life beautifully, she manages to alternate seamlessly between vulnerable and absolutely badass, and unlike certain other recent high-profile characters there can be no accusations of her being a Mary Sue, we see her struggling, we see her hurt, cry, laugh, love, lose and everything in between. Her character arc throughout is the emotional roller-coaster that it should be in any film done right, rather than just being a flat line from left to right as we have seen elsewhere. It has flaws of course, no film is without sin, but when it's this good you are far more willing to forgive the little things.
  6. Concerned Bystander

    General Media Peanuts vs Calvin and Hobbes

    Do I really have to pick one? I love both of them, and they both come from very different times and play on your feeling in very different ways. I certainly relate a lot more to Charlie Brown than I do to Calvin, but the surreal hilarity of Calvin and Hobbes tops Peanuts so I like them both in different ways. If really pressed I would perhaps pick Calvin and Hobbes as my favourite of the two, but that is at this moment in time and if you asked me again tomorrow I might very well change my mind.
  7. Concerned Bystander

    Animation Anime FEATURES

    There are quite a few that I like, and although it may not be my favourite I would have to present Akira as a top-tier candidate. Regardless of whether or not you like the film it is undeniable that it was one of the, the not the, most influential anime films of all time, at least in the west. Being the first anime film to really hit the mainstream in the west it played a huge role not only in popularising Japanese media but also dispelling the stigma that animated films had to be at least family friendly if not aimed outright at children. There was of course always people that enjoyed anime with whom films and series like Fist of the North Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Patlabor, Ninja Scroll and others were popular throughout the 90s, but these people were very much on the fringe, and even to this day if a person that went through their teenage years in the 90s has only seen one anime film, the odds are that film is Akira.
  8. Concerned Bystander

    Your Favorite Episode?

    Hard to pick out a single favourite but Lesson Zero is definitely a strong contender.
  9. Concerned Bystander

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Just finished reading Woken Furies by Richard Morgan, thus completing the tales of Takeshi Kovacs. Considering starting on the Thrawn trilogy next.
  10. Concerned Bystander

    Movies/TV Ghostbusters 3 Announced

    I'm somewhat apprehensive about this upcoming film. It should have been made years ago, indeed it was in the pipeline but power struggles at the studio resulted in the project becoming the disaster that was Ghostbusters 2016. This film is going to be a 'passing of the torch' affair which is what the franchise needed, but it may suffer from the absence of Harold Ramis and although I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with there is still the potential for this to be a bad film.
  11. Concerned Bystander

    Public toilet provision for women is seen as a luxury

    You can fit more urinals than cubicles in the same space, the ladies room has only cubicles whereas the gents has a mixture of both. So facilities of equal size will have more toilets for men than for women, add to that the fact that men don't take as long and the general rule of etiquette that you don't talk to other people in the gents and the throughput is much higher, hence no queues.
  12. Concerned Bystander

    The recent purchases thread

    Just had this delivered, only a few episodes in and it is already one of the (if not the) best anime series I have seen.
  13. Concerned Bystander

    The pony franchise and adults

    As much as it pains me to say this they could certainly take a leaf out of Disney's book. For all their many flaws Disney have managed to successfully market to an adult audience for many years, in things like clothing, collectibles and homeware. Of course Disney has a far deeper penetration into that market, and they have the capital (both financial and social) to be able to invest in products aimed at an older market whereas Hasbro have a much smaller adult market that probably doesn't warrant the same level of investment.
  14. Concerned Bystander

    General Any Serious/Die-Hard Toy and Action Figure Collectors Here?

    I have a fair few. I'm not a completist collector though, due to money and space considerations I tend only to get figures of characters that I particularly like. I have around sixty of Hasbro's Black Series Star Wars figures, focusing entirely on Galactic Empire, Clones and First Order so lots of Stormtroopers of every generation, a few Imperial officers and the odd Sith Lord. I also have a few of the MLP Fan Series figures, and a whole bunch of the (larger) Funko vinyl figures. On top of this there is a few assorted NECA figures, largely from their Alien line but with a couple of Terminators and other random characters I like thrown in, and small handful of Figma pieces (not many of them as they all have to be imported from Japan and tend to be rather expensive). I also have a small army of Playmobil Romans (I guess they probably count), and despite resisting for a long time I now have altogether too many of those little Funko Pop figures. My failure point was when I saw one of Locutus of Borg that I just had to get. My collection as a whole is pretty chaotic just now, it started off an a centralised 'altar of geekdom' but has now encroached into pretty much every available space, I'm looking forward to getting somewhere with more room so that I can think about displaying things properly.
  15. Concerned Bystander

    Anyone Notice Tara Strong Is Very Political?

    The entertainment industry tends to lean heavily to the left, if Tara was expressing conservative sentiments you can bet she would be getting reigned in pretty quickly, but because she is expressing the 'correct' political views she gets a free pass to say pretty much whatever she likes.