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  1. scifi42

    Has anyone forgiven Diamond Tiara outright?

    I personally love a redemption arc, and I think that DT is one of the better characters on the show. She has shown herself able to learn independently and with very little support. What makes a character strong, IMHO, is an ability to recognize their own mistakes, something that was much more challenging for DT, who was cut off and isolated from any friendship, than it is for our other characters, who have the constant support of dozens of people who love them, and know that. With that run-on sentence out of the way, yes I forgive DT. She rose above the role she was cast in to become more than what anybody thought of her. Forgive is an understatement. I would gladly accept her as a friend long before Sunset Shimmer, who was and is just a powercrazy pony who was given everything a pony can receive, and threw it all away.
  2. scifi42

    More Pumpkin Ponies

    OMGosh so cute!!!! Are you on deviantart? Do you do commisions? GAH the cuteness is killing me.....
  3. scifi42

    What Was Your Best Halloween Costume?

    The year of the US government shutdown, my friends and I went as the three branches of the US government, but undead. I was the undead judicial branch.
  4. scifi42

    What Is YOUR School's Mascot?

    Currently, well, you can't really judge me for my high school's mascot. *cowers* We're the barons. The epitomy of white wealthy men. Sigh.
  5. scifi42

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    i think the writers may be annoyed at hasbro, some serious creative freedom themes here. They seem as mad as we are at the planning for this season. Thoughts?
  6. scifi42

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    BroTP 5ever, absolute besties
  7. scifi42

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    rarity's royal regalia- sensing a theme with the language here.
  8. scifi42

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    daaamn dat dress though
  9. scifi42

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    absolutely amazing alliteration. pinkie pie is back!!
  10. So I've got access to a 3d printer and I want to get started printing some ponies!!! If anybody can walk me through how they build ponies on either blender, tinkercad, or some other free software, i will gladly send you a small print of your oc!
  11. scifi42

    Do You Think Spike Will Get Over Rarity?

    once he sees her cuddling with aj, he'll probs cry for a day or two, then realize that he just wants her to be happy, and that AJ's actually perfect for her and omg how did he not see this before, OTP.
  12. Please know while reading the following that I love-love-love Felicia as much as anybody. But, it is possible, even crucial, to be critical of the things we enjoy, and to love something while acknowledging it's problems. With that in mind, I'm about 100 pages into her memoir. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. It's a fun read, full of personality and weirdness and passion. But a few things that she says in the prologue continue to bother me. Take the following line: "I opened my mouth to tell the kid that princess dresses reinforce sexual stereotypes." or the even worse: "This isn't a typical lady memoir. I appreciate my beauty sleep too much to have crazy 'one night in Cabo' stories. I don't have emo ex-boyfriends to gossip about. And I haven't been on any quirky drug trips that ended in profound self-realizations." And, for different reasons, "Always...assume the worst, then your never disappointed." Was anybody else bothered by these throwaway lines? Does it change your opinions of her at all?
  13. scifi42

    Pillow Ball Bronycon

    Hi all! I bought a pillow ball from a vendor at Bronycon but I have no idea how to take care of it! I don't remember the name of the vendor either, but they show up in my credit card history as apricityhat, which when I look up( surprise, surprise) only sells hats. Anypony else buy a pillow ball and know how to care for it?
  14. If anypony's interested in playing dnd online w/ a couple noobs, pm me!
  15. Hey all, I'd like to preface this by saying I'm a total noob to dnd. I've wanted to play for a while but never been able to. If anybody has a group that could use another member, or is also interested in rolling the dice with me (metaphorically and literally), hmu. I live in the dc area, but I wouldn't mind playing on a stimulator. Thanks everypony!