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  1. aaand i just hit on ANOTHER straight girl. Excuse me for a moment.

  2. I just saw my rapist for the first time in months, and I'm freaking out. Msg me if you can

  3. been a while, but I'm back boys

  4. stupid sexy straight girls

    1. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      Damn, sexy, Flanders!

  5. I personally love a redemption arc, and I think that DT is one of the better characters on the show. She has shown herself able to learn independently and with very little support. What makes a character strong, IMHO, is an ability to recognize their own mistakes, something that was much more challenging for DT, who was cut off and isolated from any friendship, than it is for our other characters, who have the constant support of dozens of people who love them, and know that. With that run-on sentence out of the way, yes I forgive DT. She rose above the role she was cast in to become more than what anybody thought of her. Forgive is an understatement. I would gladly accept her as a friend long before Sunset Shimmer, who was and is just a powercrazy pony who was given everything a pony can receive, and threw it all away.
  6. OMGosh so cute!!!! Are you on deviantart? Do you do commisions? GAH the cuteness is killing me.....
  7. The year of the US government shutdown, my friends and I went as the three branches of the US government, but undead. I was the undead judicial branch.
  8. well i do love me a redemption arc.

  9. i just paused the song "Ain't no stopping us now" I<3 rony

  10. does Soarin have that name bc he always seems high?

  11. can anybody vouch for "Life is Strange"? It looks good, but I've been guilty of impulse game purchases in the past....

  12. what tv show should I watch next? I'm thinking Broad City, but may want to save that for watching w/ friends

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    2. Alpharius


      You should look at red vs blue I would start on season 8 or 9 and if you like that then you might be interested in looking at the other seasons

    3. scifi42
    4. Alpharius
  13. Currently, well, you can't really judge me for my high school's mascot. *cowers* We're the barons. The epitomy of white wealthy men. Sigh.