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  1. I'm 19 and male and I'm looking for a room Thursday through Monday. I'd be able to pay my fair share. Or if people also need a room I can book one and then split it with whomever needs it. Thanks.
  2. No, I didn't make the beat. Thanks for the advice. I think I may have went for too much too soon haha.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaVr3skCuPA&feature=youtu.be Hey everypony, I just tried my hoof at rapping and I think it turned out pretty good. If you could give it a listen and tell me what you think that'd be awesome! Thanks!
  4. Well yeah. It's used to portay the huge contrast of Pinkie and her family.
  5. If the stone did do all the ships, there would be a lot of pissed off bronies.
  6. I'm pretty optimistic and not critical of episodes, so as long as they aren't absolutely terrible, I'll be happy.
  7. I had dozens of action figures when I was a kid. I loved it in the early 2000's
  8. Men's 13. You know what the say about big feet...big socks.
  9. Two Korean kids I met at college and I went to a sushi bar and ate a live octopus. Never again.
  10. I love gyros. There's a little deli next to my dorm that has all you can eat gyro bar.
  11. Hopefully it won't be the end of the series.
  12. It was just another contrived "magic, it can do what it wants" moment.
  13. Sunset returns, and everyone gets along in the end. I'd like to see her in g5, maybe as an older character being the mentor to the CMC or something.
  14. The only ones I've met were at a con. They aren't the easiest to find.
  15. I feel it's made me more accepting of others and to not judge things until I try it.
  16. The show is still great in my opinion, so I would be fine if it continued.
  17. The big problem I have with this is I know how its gonna end. Twilight's gonna be all sad and hopeless, Spike's gonna give her an inspiring speech, and she is going to get the Mane Six back together one by one and defeat Starlight Glimmer. And by the time season 6 rolls around, nothing will have changed.
  18. Appleloosa's Most Wanted and Princess Spike. I usually like any episode regardless, but these two were BAD.
  19. Spike because he sucks. I'm sorry if that's a shitty reason but he is useless.
  20. Same. Her energy and sass always makes me happy.
  21. No, they are ponies, and that would be kind of wrong for them to eat other animals, especially in a little kid's show.
  22. A whole episode consisting of Big Mac going "eeyup" and Bulk Biceps going "yeah!" back and forth for 22 minutes.
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