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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday there! Have a great one! :squee:

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday! :pinkie:



  4. Thank you everyone for your feed back. Not only did this make a fantastic banner, but it also made #2 on Equestria Daily's Open Kirin Drawfriend!
  5. Sometimes you gotta let it rainnnnnnnnnnn!

    I love the new banner.

  6. La-la-laaaa-laaaa! :kirin:


    Good job on the banner! :LunaMCM:

  7. With Equestria Daily's announcement of a new pony themed day for April 10th, I did not want to miss out on the first Kirin Day. But I didn't want to make another Munchkin Pony Vector, I wanted to push my limits and after a week and a half of patience, I made a breakthough, and came up with MY BEST ARTWORK YET. How I made this work of art is a story for another day. Coincidentally, I made it so that one could use it as a wallpaper. And for MLP Forums, I have made a banner for you guys.
  8. As we live in a time of the CORVID-19 Epidemic, all I can say is, practice social isolation, keep your distance, wash your hands, and we will get through this no problem. Stay safe!
  9. Imagine this scene; Its the middle of the night, You lie in bed tired, yet restless about something. As you ponder in thought, your door emits a creek as it opens. Thinking that it was a draft, you are at first annoyed, until you hear a small timid voice. "Um, I h-had a ni-nightmare..." it said. As You turn your head up you begin to see a small filly at your door. A rasterized remake of one of my most beloved art pieces. I have made this just in time for Starlight Day 2020. DA Link: Original Version:
  10. In honor of Derpy Appreciation Day, I give you everypony's favorite muffin chomping mail mare, Derpy Hooves!
  11. 's OC wielding the power of lightning like a boss, ready to strike his enemies down.
  12. A piece featuring 's OC.
  13. Original DA link: A piece featuring 's OC.
  14. Just a couple ponies who are into peace and love.
  15. Seeing as he appears to love Twilight so much I give to you hugging his Twilight Plushie.