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  1. I'm not really much of a Fanfic writer, infact I'm more of an DA artist, but this is an idea that I've had for years now that I want to get out. I've had this Idea for a fanfic for sometime now, and Have been ironing and fleshing it out for almost 2 years now. It's placeholder name is Locked up and it's an alternate ending to Lesson Zero where somepony is accidentally killed and Celestia returns to Twilight's Library the following morning, arrests her, and charges her with ponyslaughter, use of a banned spell, and misuse of magic. Celestia then sentences Twilight to incarcerarion in a mares prison where she is cut off from spike and the rest of the mane 6 while, she tries to survive in a really harsh environment. As the story goes on, Twilight undergoes massive character changes; she grows bitter and cynical, becomes easily irritated, Prone to lash out at others, and is willing to exploit others for her own personal gain. Then at some point she recieves a letter that reminds her of her previous life before her imprisonment, and she becomes upset at the monster that she has become. If you want more info, heres a link to one of my DA galleries: Tell me what you think.
  2. The CMCs go trick or treating on Nightmare Night.
  3. The Mane 6 Go Trick or Treating on Nightmare Night. Yeah it may be a reupload, but so what? It that time of the year and its a cute pic!
  4. Thats why they're behind bars.
  5. 7 years ago, on October 10th, 2010, MLP FIM made it's debut. It has since captivated us, and made an impact on our lives in some form or another. Since those 7 years we have had a show, some spinoffs, and a movie. This show will go down in history as perhaps one of the most ground braking/breakout shows of our time. With Season 8 coming out in spring, i hope it will be followed by many more, and it'll continue to entertain us for more years to come. But let's not forget..... Friendship is magic So um, yeah I cobbled this together in just 4.5 hours because I had nearly forgotten about this day, (Thanks for posting your pic and reminding me !!!). I just took a couple of my vectors from my past work and heavily modified the crap out of them into what you see here. Because I was under such heavy time constraints, I mighta sorta took some ideas from , and then threw dome chibi ponies into it.
  6. A vectored Image from S7E21
  7. I want to know that myself
  8. A remake of Hugs and Snuggles
  9. Thank you
  10. The Cutie Mark Crusaders get arrested for being too adorable.
  11. Are You feeling sad and depressed? Well don't be! Nurse Redheart is here to prescribe to you Anti-Depressant Hugs that are sure to bring you back happiness Guarenteed!
  12. This was the first sketch that I did for a request back in 2016. I posted the final design here on the forums, but I thought I'd share with you guys what it was originally going to be. Final Design;
  13. Name: Crimson HussarSex: MaleSpecies: PegasusPlace of Residence: UnknownBased on the Polish Winged Hussars, Crimson is a fair and noble knight who fights for the weak and defenseless, where ever it may be. But before this, he served Princess Celestia as a Sergeant of the Royal Guard for 10 years. Dispite being offered the Position of captain of the royal guard, Crimson turned down the offer and instead struck out on his own as knight who defends the weak and defenseless against the many malicious vices that lurk within the shadows. He is also a tribute to my Polish Ancestry.
  14. The reason why i actually scrapped it was because my ponies in footed onesies line ended up being so popular and because of that, I wasn't feeling gun-ho about going into horror territory. So in the end, I scrapped it in favor of more light hearted material.
  15. This was a concept for an idea for a pony species that I made in late 2015, but decided to scrap in the end. It was centered around these spores which would make their way into the bodies of ponies and infect them. After a period of time, the host starts to develop plant like traits in both behavior and appearance while losing consciousness as ther spores take control of the body and turning it into a zombie of sorts. As time goes on, the host both blind and deaf, and are reliant on smell and the the rose that grows on their heads which acts like a sensor of some sort. Eventually the host become immobile with the loss of limbs and becomes rooted into the ground. From there, a mutation occurs and the body then gains the ability to produce new spores, all while living off of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the host. Eventually the host,s body starts to decompose and the spores must find a new host, and the cycle repeats. I took influence from the Flood from the Halo series, and Vault 22 from Fallout new vegas, when I first made this. The reason why i actually scrapped it was because my ponies in footed onesies line ended up being so popular and because of that, I wasn't feeling gun-ho about going into horror territory. So in the end, I scrapped it in favor of more light hearted material. The name planter pony was a placeholder name and its official name would have been Spore Pony. I found the sketch while I was cleaning my attic over the weekend and decided to show you guys something I did , but never fully implemented