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  1. Just a couple ponies who are into peace and love.
  2. Seeing as he appears to love Twilight so much I give to you hugging his Twilight Plushie.
  3. Kicking off the year 2020, I present an art piece, featuring 's OC ready to launch a volley of snow balls at someone. Possibly you.
  4. My obligatory annual art piece for Halloween/ Nightmare Night
  5. I saw a comic on Derpibooru that I can't find now, and I wanted to do a piece based on the last panel.
  6. Are you still sad that the show is over and that there will be no more new pony? Well, don't be! Nurse Redheart is here to prescribe to you Anti-Depressant Hugs that are sure to bring you back happiness, guaranteed! Treat with snuggles. If sadness and depression persists, treat with more snuggles.
  7. Equestria will be fine, don't worry.
  8. This was originally a gift to Lauren Faust or on Deviantart whom I had autographed at Bronycon 2019 (And she loved it!), but I figured it would make an excellent 9 year anniversary pic so I decided to hold off on uploading it until now.
  9. Imagine walking into a sweet store/bakery and being greeted by this. For EQD's Pinkie Pie Day, I wanted to make an image that is as sweet as Pinkie's baked goods.
  10. I give you Autumn Blaze and friends surrounded by Autumn Blaze Trees. Spoiler free this time There, I didn't throw anypony in prison this time. ya happy now? And don't worry mods, This the last picture I'm posting til Pinkie Pie day.
  11. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are still so cute that they're downright criminals! NEW EPISODE SPOILER:
  12. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, and Sunset Shimmer violated the terms of their parole and reformation, and have also received additional charges. Starlight was found to be hiding a fugitive on the run, whom she claimed had no idea, but authorities didn't believe her. When Police looked into it further they discovered that Starlight also had a warrant out for her for Perjury and Battery. Starlight falling into a state of hysteria teared up and started to rant on how much she changed and how "good" she was now, fought against officers who wrested her to the ground before cuffing her and suppressing her horn. Trixie, who was busted in possession of two ounces of opium, attempted to get out of her arrest by charming her parole officer. She said how much of a handsome stallion he was and may or may not have accidentally smacked the parole officer's flank, which went as well as one would expect. Sunset who was most likely intoxicated, beat somepony with a 2x4 almost unconscious. This was witnessed by passing by officer who intervened and took a hit. Sunset ended up being roughed up and tazed twice before she was finally taken down. All three suspects are being held without bail and are being held at the Canterlot Detention Center.
  13. Well welcome back! Looks good for a 7 year hiatus.
  14. Manufacturing and possession of narcotic substances, AKA drugs. Pinkie was running a drug operation behind closed doors. I'll let the thread play judge because screw it, why not?