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  1. Love is in Bloom

    In celebration of Valentines Day, I give you Filly Cadence and Colt Shining Armor in love.
  2. Love is in the Air

    and so is diabetes...
  3. Will You Be My Valentine?

    Its valentines day and Fluttershy wants You to be her very special somepony!
  4. Calling All Artists!

    I'll see what I can do
  5. Request Help wanted for the MLPF World Cup

    I am interested in Flags and Banners
  6. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    never mind, i thought you were the same guy
  7. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    Rose Beast & Techno Universe
  8. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    You want me to do both?
  9. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    Being a changling isn't really a crime. Besides they'd would just give em the boot and deport em back to the hive they came from.
  10. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    Adding to her charges; Resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.
  11. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    This will do
  12. Request Shop Put Your OCs Behind Bars

    Hello, In March I'm going to be throwing other people's OCs in Prison. If you want in, simply post a pic of your OC (Preferably a reference sheet.) , Their name, personality, back ground information, and what crimes they've been charged with. I have a few rules which I will link to below. I would also like to point out that I will be posting on DeviantArt first, so if you do have a DA account, provide it as well so that I'll be able to properly credit you. That is all. Rules & Details:
  13. Polar Opposites

    After seeing Kurens Fangirling of Uponia, I felt compelled to make this. That and I had to come up with something to fufill my monthly quota, so I guess this will do.These two are OCs by &
  14. Bundles of Joy on Hearts Warming Eve (Collab)

    So this made #2 on EQD today...