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  1. 414356 Crikey, haven't been here for a while.
  2. There could be more but it really should just end soon before it stagnates. I would've been happy if S6 was the last. The PLANNED last, not just by getting cancelled.
  3. No. I was sort of under the impression that G4's quality was quite a special case so there was never any point or desire.
  4. Generally I'm ok, depends what I'm drinking. Things like beer seem to effect me more than spirits. Still, I prefer to go strong, straight whiskey for me sometimes.
  5. I'm an experienced guitarist, bassist, producer/engineer if you're still interested. If you want to get into recording then I'm always up for new collaborations. Here's my guitar demo reel.
  6. I have struggled with depression over the last few years but it's been well under control.
  7. No. I do find myself getting bored of them quickly nowadays.
  8. At it's most basic, I don't see why not but by that point things are getting so infinitely huge that whether you believe it or not just becomes irrelevant.
  9. Mum and Dad. Ma and Pa if I'm joking around, mother and father if I feel like taking the piss.
  10. Fish and chips and mushy peas from the local chippy followed by Dominoes pizza. Chinese takes too long and makes a mockery of genuine Chinese food, McDonalds is just gross, KFC has nothing I would want for myself, burger joints are too far away. No, for it's the joy of reminding myself I'm British and digging in to the great British takeaway staple, supporting my local foodhouses. Dominoes is the next best thing for taste, their pizza is the best although I'm usually happy just getting a frozen pizza if that's what I fancy.
  11. Simply she is in the EG movies but not in the main series which she has nothing to do with.
  12. I'm still very much into watching the show. I've become less interested in analysis, more interested in fan art, only just made my own videos parodying the show. I've only joined these very forums and gotten involved with other fans at all since july.
  13. Eventually yes. At 23 I'm not prepared to sire children yet, not until I'm stable, settled and seen the world. Given the choice I would rather wait until I've got a solid career, chased my dreams and I'm a good deal wiser about the world. The bigger question for me is 'how many?' I don't think I would necessarily want more than one, the Earth's human population is already way too big. I'd be willing to adopt or foster on top of a biological child though, there are far too many homeless or orphaned children out there I'm sure.
  14. Jeans with either button up shirts for smarter days or band t-shirts for casual and gigs. Usually combined with hoodies, preferably jacket style ones. I wear a black sports coat which is quite snug or for warmer days or nights out I have a brown jacket that I'm really fond of.