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  1. i walk this road, alone and always; i wish that you could see that i am. afraid pf being who i am. i dont wanna disappint you, but its clear now that we can get along. youve felt like me before, ignored and every word was wrong. i know who im supposed to be; its never been easy to be someone loke me and i feel there nothing we should hide. were full and understanding beautiful, inside.

  2. Looking at the finished his finished product crank.smiles to.himself. "this is gonna be awesome. With this, that pegasus will never know what hit him.. or her.. no i just need lightning to come get sized so i cam alter it." He starts to chuckle amd.laugh outrageously. "Wow.. i sound like an evil scientist... awakward.." chuckles more
  3. hi!

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      Hi there! :D How are you today? :)

  4. In the workshop, Crank is drdawing and doing calculations.. "now if the saddle is this bid then the cannon can hold... 10 lbs of snow which would need about.... 750N of force to shoot it at a good pace... we will hook this here and that there do the wiring.." latching and making the model he desperately awates the arrival of his guest.
  5. "you bet i can! First chance you get come to the workshop so i can size you for it! I need to start on the design, sorry to miss the show but this project is a little complex having to be discreet and complex!" Crank speeds off towards the shop in haste without giving anypony to say another word to him.
  6. Shoves a wire trash can on yoir head and beats you witj an empty water bottle
  7. "By all means please do call me crank!" He says chuckling. "Revenge neigh? You were the one in the snow deposit i give it then. Well, that so happened to ruin my project here in ponyville as well.... so it seems he has two ponies to answer to. For this i will charge very little, if any at all!" His smirk widens as he now can take part in revenge of the ruiner of his prpject and even become.known in cloudsdale for his machines.
  8. Magic. Alcorn magic, of friendship, elemenrs of harmony... fire magic too. Gst desteuction up high hit it with a fireball and use mahika potion to regenerate instantly. They are not meant to be fought at low levels btw. Also, try lowering the combat intensity if you want to. In the start menu settings.
  9. "impressive.. i geuss i owe you a favor. Im Gear Crank. I live manehatten but came here for a business project. I make, design and repair machines." Turning to the new pony he smirks and calls out "only if you come shake my hoof cuz you look important!" He says chuckling to himself. He turns to his challenger and remarks oh i dont drink by the way. I just need something soft like our new frimed here. What were your names again?
  10. Confused by the offer, crank shrugs and says "im game. Got nothing to lose but if you dont get it, you get me two." He smirks a little and then watches intently at this stallions eyes for a reaction. Hoping he will take it to make his worries fly away like the pegasis wings
  11. He smirks at this atempt but stays calm "Sir im sorry but it cant touch the table. Try again if you wish, what were you two saying about music? Are you two going to be playing here? That would be amazing. I cannot wait to here it. I am sure you both will do fabulously."
  12. Crank sees two ponies who seem to have it made He wwwalks up to them and places two napkins a few inches apart with a marble on one. "I bet you a drink you cant get the marble on the other napkin with out it touching the table and without touching the napkins or the marbles."
  13. Crank pays his tab and walls to the bar... "i need something stronger.." he yhen reaches in to his pocket to realize the only thing he has is a small marble. "Looks im going to have to do some conning for that drink" he puts on a sideways grind Nd walks throught the door and sits in the corner looking for a target.