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  1. Sounds good thanksies!
  2. Yep a full body badge was what I was looking for! And I seem to have lost my example, but its like this vest only in red and black (red outer black inner xP) thanksies! And if it raises the price its all good, just let me know how much you would want for that ^-^!
  3. Username-Mors Ultima Character Reference or Description-down der\/ Character Personality-Mischievous Commission Type- Traditional badge art yes Commission Details*- I leave creativity up to you ^-^ but if you could add a dark red dress vest that would be awesome sauce ^-^reference was by Ruhisu xP
  4. Love it!! Thank you so so much!!
  5. Hi yas! I got one of your full body commissions w/ background! Can't wait to see how it turns out!! Thanksies
  6. I sent my oc reference pic again hope ya got it thanks!
  7. Hi its dark green actually xD just light pic! And thanksies I can't wait to see how it comes out!!!
  8. Hi! I paid for the one character with detailed background. I was hoping you could do a post apocalyptic type image with my oc ^-^. If you could make my oc look disheveled, worn down, but be mischievously happy thats kind of what im looking for. My oc wears a dark red dress vest(Victorian era), if you could have her wearing that, but have it torn and dirty that would be awesome! And if you could have ash falling all around that would also be great xP! The background ill leave to your creativity >v< Thank you!