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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. ./dramatic anime gasp O no u did not qqqqq
  3. Definitely not, I need to work somewhere that I can make money, but also stay mentally healthy. Money is important to me, but being unhappy is not what I want from a place I will be at 40 hours a week. Losing sleep, having no social life, stress, pain, are all things we lose for jobs and I want my other half of my life to be in a place that doesn't make me hate myself. It's rly important, men im talking to you. Lol, I've had an unhealthy life, and now that I'm trying to get better, I'm not going to do something to reverse that progress. Kinda am right now though but on the fence bout this job. Also, the place i don't like would fire me eventually because me is not the best at handling stress.
  4. Yeah. And I'm soo embarressed, did so many things for them lol. Hardest part is learning to trust people again, but the easiest part is realizing that I wasn't the toxic one. Do you like to hold hands?
  5. O geez, I have no idea. I don't have a lot of favorite anything's. But I could rly go for an adventure time binge right now. Why are there so many slimes?
  6. I used to work at a popular thrift store. People make it into a big deal or negative thing, but it's just another place to shop. Mostly cheap clothes and if you keep checking you'll definitely find things on the shelves you'll want or need.
  7. I was banned once or twice on League of Legends temporarily. Once was because of a friend on my account, and the other maybe from when they had chat-bot still in chatrooms?