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    Viridian Meadows: Equestria.tv'scot loves to gather her friends up for late night movies. She loves to crack puns and jokes (much to Viola's dismay at times), and is very much the jokester of the group. She can be quite the sassy pony too; quick with comebacks and always the one to break the silence. She's very confident and sure of herself. Sometimes, she run her mouth and fail to be careful in what she says, and that can be a bit of an issue. She's a budding filmmaker.



    May I ask... What's her cutie mark?


    (I'm not entering in this competition, there's another event and I'm doing a story for a friend for that day and it's featuring this oc... But I need a cutie mark please.)

  2. How did you find MLP Forums?: Hypnosparkle told me about them. :)

    How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I found AntonyC's critic of the second season opening, A canterlot wedding, laughed so hard. I kinda fell in love with the shows beauty and innocence after that... Then found the dark hypnosis based side on the internet... And I was right at home >:3

    Well, I'm a survivor, judging from the poor odds I had a couple weeks ago from a spleen puncture, life revolves around taking anti biotics now, and I love hypnosis, coiling and stuff like that. Something about the blissful smile just looks so appearing to me I wanna try it :3


    Hope I get along with all you fine folk, though if you can tolerate me that would be fine with me, you'll learn just how crazy I am, trust me :)


    Oh I'm also a fanfic writer, if that matters, not an artist sadly, lucky ponies hwo can draw, grumble grumble! XD

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