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  1. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel stopped the attack and laughed at her expense. He got his phone out and dialed up the local pizzeria he spied, when they where driving towards the school. "What pizza do ya want?" Asked Mikkel. Alexey innerly fist pumped, and smile "Awesome! I was afraid that i wouldn't be able to join, because of incompetent musicians" Said Alesha releaved.
  2. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel got at an evil smile on his face as he approached her "Oh yeah? But can you win over... This!?" Shouted Mikkel as he launched a tickling attack. Alesha looked over at his newly discovered crush "There is a 2v2 music tournament. Wanna pair up?" Asked Alesha
  3. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    @@Summer Breeze, Mikkel laughed "HA, never. The day that i lose in super smash, is the day i quit as a DJ. Which is never in case you couldn't figure that one out" Said Mikkel with a shark grin. The melody came to an end, and Alesha basked in the afterglow of what was one of the best pieces he has played. "Wow... Thank you for that. It has been a long time since i have felt a thrill like this"
  4. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel caught her and spun around "Haha, indeed! As for how? I may or may not have applied when they where looking for musicians with an attached file of our individual performances" Said Mikkel with a wink."I say this calls for a celebration. Let's go slaughter a pizza and play videogames. My treat" Though the violin was faint, Alesha instantly noticed it and let a slight smile cross his features. With the violin and piano in complete harmony and synergy, a beautifull classical piece was born. Proving every student here and now, that they where way out of their league.
  5. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel nodded "Indeed, and i can't wait to kick their sorry asses back to the drawing board. You know why?" Dramatic pause. Mikkel pulled out what looked like an offer "Guess who got invited to perform for Riot games, at the biggest gaming event since 2012!?" Another pause "US! We are even allowed to write our own song!" Said Mikkel, glee evident on his face. Alesha continued playing, while he drifted off in his thoughts. Wondering, was there any way he could ask her out? If so, how? (Wooow, RIP grammar in my last post. Damn autocorrect almost made me go mad)
  6. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel laughed "Indeed, however" He gently placed his hands on her shoulders "Never underestimate a man in love. He will do what needs to be done, even if it kills him. Besides..." He pulled her in clothes "Perhaps she just felt that the guys where lack luster? I mean, this school is filled with arrogant scumbags" Alesha also started to drift off into the world of nothingness, as he did that, his fingera glided over the piano, creating a peacefull yet somber melody
  7. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private A Musicians Dream

    Mikkel thought for a bit of time. What could he do? There really wasn't that much his poor Lad could do to escape all mens feared zone. "Let's let Them evovle their relationship without us meddling with it. If Alesha really wants this, he Will Ask her out. If not, Them he is a whimp" Concluded Mikkel. Alesha nodded with a Smile "Indeed..." Silence filled the room. However not an unpleasent One, More Like a comforting silence between two musicians who had their thoughts om music. (This RP ya dingus)
  8. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Worlds collide

    Felix nodded "Alright, Sounds fun. Also..." He got a More serious Look om his face "Remember, the russian Empire has One goal. To Bring back the soviet Union. USA is not going to Like this, so i Hope that you are aware that there are going to be complications with your old Ally, and that you're highly likely to Cut all bonde, should the negotiations Go as planned."
  9. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    Darius nodded as she stopped through. As Soon as she left he already started feeling worried. Would she be Okay? He got his crystal and started looking through. He noticed something wrong... It looked like the Red kings sword, however he couldn't be sure. So he continued watching her.
  10. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    "Hit the nail right in the coffin" Said Darius. He did a quick sneak peak on the crystal, and saw a fight between a green and blue clansman "Tara, mind taking care of that? Wouldn't want to overcook the meat" Said Darius. This was also a chance for him to find out how good she was.
  11. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    Darius was caught slightly off guard "Not sure... I was 18 when i became king... It has been about 70 years since the slates where released so 88 it is" Said Darius as he walked back into the room "I hope that you aren't creeped out by that" With a tiring gaze he looked at his viewing crystal "Tell me Tara, what are your views on immortality? As in, aging immortality"
  12. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    Darius shrugged "Dunno, I guess that I have kind of stopped caring after all these years. I have been here since the release of the slates, and I am the only king along with the silver king who won't die, so I have kind of accepted it" Said Darius with a little sad smile
  13. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    Darius chuckled "Close, but not quite. I am an equalizer to say it bluntly, shit goes down, I come and fix it. I am not surprised that you haven't heard abot me however. This was the first time in 10 years that I visited the earth" Said Darius as the meat was put into the oven. "Don't be afraid though, I will move us to earth since you don't seem too thrilled about this"
  14. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    Darius began working on the meat immediately "So Tara... Any idea what the mysterious black king does?" Asked Darius as he started heating up the oven. "If not, then look at that crystal to your right, and see if you have a clue" The crystal was purple, and the city could be seen from it.
  15. Love Doctor Blaze

    Private Clash of Kings (1x1)

    @@Summer Breeze, Darius nodded "Alright Tara. I will teleport us to my territory" Said Darius, and created a portal for them to enter through, he nodded at Tara "Follow me" He said and entered. They arrived at what was a cozy, but big room. However, that wasn't the strange thing. The total kicker was that the house was in outer space... Darius went towards the kitchen "Make yourself comfortable. I will have some food ready soon"
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