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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. I guess... I am back on the forums-ish? ECHO!

  5. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, Once everyone who wanted to go through had gone through, Syo went through the portal herself and closed it behind her. She landed easily on her paws on the other side. Due to the strong winds, she pulled down her goggles over her eye and then took a look at Ponyville. "Wow! What a nice place, better than some of the towns I had been to." Syo turned to her side to see Briar on the ground, seeming disoriented. "Oh, here let me help you up." Syo offered as she helped Briar up.
  6. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, After a while, Syo's key staff started to glow in a golden light and then she somersaulted backwards, landing perfectly on her paws. She then lunged the tip of the staff outwards as if inserting it into a keyhole and gave it a small twist. From where the tip of the staff was, a brilliant golden spacial ripple started to radiate out and it grew to about three times the size of a pony before holding the size. "And one way gate to Ponyville is now opened!" Syo declared as she withdrew her staff. "Oh, I should men
  7. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, Syo took a moment to stare at the improvised map that was made on the ground. Her eyes darted back and forth from each detail and noting down landmarks that she should be looking for. "Close enough... Give me a moment." Syo said as she wave her staff around and teleported straight up into the air. She then sat on her key that started to float and surveyed the area around. As Syo looked around, she saw a little cottage on the edge of the forest then a town. That must be it. Syo came back down after a while
  8. @@Denim&Venom, Heya! Just thought I let you know that there was an error with your post. The character I am currently RPing as is Syo, not Melke. Though they are both cats, they are quite different in character and magic.
  9. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, Syo sweat dropped as she floated on her key staff. She may be able to open portals but she needed to know the place very well or someone might get displaced into a wall or the ground or even end up somewhere completely different. The portal she opened in the sky has opened to the point where the large spider corpse dropped and landed with a loud thump somewhat off in the distance. "I could open a portal but... I don't really know where is Ponyville. We could end up at the bottom of the ocean if we a
  10. 'Saber' Rosey Lattice
  11. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, As Seamore explained, Syo redirected the entire opening in the sky to a safer location so that the body of the spider can drop out easily. Syo had no more use for the body and was intending to dispose of it in a... as respectful as she could way. The leg of the spider has now come all the way out and some of the torso can be seen. "Hu-Nya? Bring them along with me to... Ponyville?" Syo asked again, she didn't know what was the name of the town and was just intending of having Briar lead t
  12. Going to start drawing again tomorrow, my term has ended

    1. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      Congrats on completing your term and good luck drawing ^^

  13. < My friend made a thing :P
  14. Melke

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Seamore Sandwich, @, @@Blitz Boom, @@Denim&Venom, "Okay!" Syo replied and then she jumped and sat on her key staff before floating over to Brair. "So let's go!" Before Syo was about to go, she remembered something. "Oh yeah, before I forget..." Syo flew up and jabbed her key staff into the air, golden ripples radiated from the end of her staff. After doing that, Syo came back down and floated beside Briar. "Ready to go?" Up in the air, the ripple is getting bigger and something seems to coming through; the tip of a spider's leg can be seen coming through.
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