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  1. Take a towel with alcohol on it and clean the contacts of your cards. I am assuming that your network card is built into the board. Windows 10 forced updates may have decided to install their own drivers. You may want to look on the manufacturer site and try reinstalling them, same with the video-card. It is also a possibility that your board is old or has be exposed to extreme temperature changes. If this is the case, when you re-seated the cards, you may have broken a trace on the board. Before taking it to a scam-artist "professional", just try a complete reinstall of Windows 7, and get your drivers from the respective manufactures website. I also notice that you mentioned your WiFi card, take that out completely and try giving the machine a reboot. In my years working as a tech, I have seen dozens of WiFi cards go bad, and it prevents the computer from working or even booting. Try this first.
  2. Whether you may like it or not, there are security protocols that the target may or may not understand. It is not their job to understand those protocols, only do what they are told. If the target does not actively participate in protection, the security bubble can be broken. With this fandom, and from my experience with it, I would have very stringent security.
  3. Yes. Eyes are not ovals. I tried to find a simplified one as an example. This one is from deviant art.
  4. To further elaborate anatomy's roll in art, SFyr did a pretty good job: - Anatomy also translates to measurements and angles. You will adopt certain joints and points on the body as a natural way of figuring out where things go initially. There are key points that help your brain naturally remember where things go, though the initial practice is hell. Lots of poses are very complicated, and you need those references to get a likeness. - What's below the skin translates to what's above the skin. The most common mistake, for example, are round eyes. New artist always draw round eyes, if they were aware of the underlying anatomy of the skull and facial muscles, they would not make this mistake. Muscles, bones, fat, and sometimes organs, translate to surface anatomy. - I don't think what I listed is for "professionals" only. Beginners develop allot of really, REALLY bad habits in the beginning. I am trying to curb those habits by recommending very excellent study material. For example - though not a complete list of sins - if you draw with your wrist, you will eventually develop carpal tunnel, which will dissuade you from continuing your craft. If you try to go right into cartoons, you will not understand the form, only the shape. Cartoons are complicated, and you will never quite achieve the results you are looking for unless you completely understand form. If you do nothing else, complete the Riven Phoenix course. It will do several things for you, all at once. - Teach you form. - Teach you regular practice skills. - Teach you basic anatomy. - Teach you basic shading. - Increase your hand/eye coordination. - He also talks allot about his experience with the industry. I swear I get nothing out of advertising him, it's just a really excellent course for beginners, and super cheap. People pick up a book and say, "Well, what do I do with this?" With his course, you just follow along. Stop, rewind, but just draw whatever he draws. After you complete the course (which is around 100+ hours of no-fluff instruction), you will be far more confident with the rest of the list.
  5. I disagree, this person is asking a complicated question. They are new to art and: - A good tablet is prohibitively expensive, and could be a major waste of money if it is something they are not going to stick with. - A poor tablet can make something already difficult, impossible. - Tablets are harder, and could discourage them from advancing. As someone who has been doing both for quite some time, I can say with confidence that this person needs to build their skills with pencil and paper first. For digital, I recommend the Intuos Wacom 3. Why not 5? The pros use the 3, when they are not on the Cintiq. It is affordable, and has far less cons than the 5 (which has a textured surface to start with). Don't bother with digital until you've put at least a couple of hard months into basic form. The Riven Phoenix course will guide you with that. Finish the whole course, then consider a digital tablet. If you can finish the entire course in a timely manner, I am confident you will have built the regimen to warrant this expense. Tablets are harder to work with, and if you don't have the hand/eye coordination for drawing already down (it's a practiced skill not a gift), then the tablet might turn you off permanently.
  6. Learn to draw with paper and pencil first, digital is complicated, and requires MORE hand/eye coordination. This is the very basic of what it is required to self teach at any proficiency. Allot of internet artists skip the basics, and while their work looks good, they will never progress. These are the building blocks of the craft. Master form, not shape. 1. Learn anatomy. All of it. Practice it allot. Do this right off from your very first day. There are tons of great courses, one that was recommended to me, and I will pass it on, is Riven Phoenix's course: Take the whole thing, start to finish. Just draw along with him. By the time you are done, you will be able to grasp the basics of form and anatomy. 2. Once you've done the course, taking NO days of breaks in between lessons. Start doing gesture drawings every single day and never stop. This is a nice site: 3. Take it a step further, and start actually learning your craft. A wonderful and amazing site that I can recommend whole heart is DTO (Drawing Tutorials Online): 4. Read, do, and practice each book on this list: Andrew Loomis - Eye of the Painter Andrew Loomis - Fun With a Pencil Andrew Loomis - Successful Drawing Andrew Loomis - Drawing the Head and Hands Andrew Loomis - Creative Illustration Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing Norling - Perspective Made Easy I've put them in a nice order that I think you will find handy. 5. Then to move on to digital, if you've never worked in heavily in something like that before, I recommend the course Ctrl+Paint: Further reading depends on your path, though I am much fond of "The Natural Way to Draw" by Kimon Nicholaides, and the Manga Mania series, since even I delve into the taboo of drawing anime. Do NOT start out drawing anime and just get stuck doing that. Someone, who's entire experience is drawing anime will surely argue with me. This person will never achieve the life they want with their illustrations. Anime is an exaggeration of real life, just like all cartoons. Master life drawing. Practice gestures every day. Do not become discouraged, while the mountain is rough to climb, when you get to the top the view is pretty sweet. It is an awesome feeling being able to draw whatever you want. You will be WELL on your way if you do the entire Riven Phoenix course. While he is not the best artist, I can promise that the excersizes he has you do, will have you drawing with measurements and angles effectively by the end of the course.
  7. Their forums are a cess of teenage angst supported by a faux economy. Their foundation is a scam; people spend real money, on a forums, that provides nothing but meaningless drama. Society would be better if it didn't exist.
  8. The questions get way to personal throughout. Here is a list of questions from the survey bold are ones that are way to personal. Charts contained to many to list here at once. Just some feedback. We may not be signing our names, but there is some massively identifying information in here on a personal scale. Birthday Over 18 y/n Gender Do you consider yourself trans-gendered? What is your marital status. In the last 12 months have you been in a serious relationship? What is your race? Have you served in the military? Which country were you born in? What country do you reside in? What is your postal code? How many people live in your household? Are you still with your parents? How many brothers or sisters do you have? Are your parents still alive? Did your parents experience a divorce before you were 18? Did either of your parents die before you were 18? Are you attending school? What is the highest level you achieved? What is the highest level you plan to attain? Are you currently employed? Why do you like MLP? Who is your favorite character? How much do you identify with that character? How much do you like the characters? Where do you watch MLP? When did you first watch MLP? Had you previously watched older MLP? What led you to watching MLP? Have you attended conventions? What kind of meetups do you want to attend? How comfortable are you identifying as a brony? Who have you tried to convince to watch the show? Which of the following MLP items have you purchased? What brony charities have you contributed to? How many times a week do you do the following? Generic brony like chart. Generic brony quality chart. Do you consider yourself to be a furry? Have you ever cosplayed? What other fandoms are you in? How would you categorize your sexual interest? Check your religious affiliations. Generic behaviour/personality question chart.
  9. Thanks for your hard work. I hope no one is giving you or the rest of the team flak. It's a site about My Little Pony, if people are up-in-arms about it being down for a day, they probably need a life.
  10. I missed that part, wow, someone still uses IE.
  11. What browser are you using, and is it updated? I can not say I am experiencing even half of these problems.
  12. Do we have any fellow heathens here? Any members of the Troth or otherwise? I am not interested in meeting folkish, if you are folkish, please keep that to yourself.
  13. Just roll with it hon, don't worry to much, the details will work themselves out as you get older and your hormones settle.
  14. Who are you calling blank flank Poniverse slave? Only the usualest of unusual magic. Good choice of avatar.